Jake Paul LA mansion raided by FBI and illegal guns found [UPDATE]


The Jake Paul LA mansion was raided by the FBI and a team of heavily armed agents in armoured trucks this morning; guns found.

TMZ filmed what they describe to be “a small militia” leaving the Jake Paul mansion in LA this morning after conducting a thorough search of the property. There have been no reports about why they were there, or what they were looking for.

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Story Developments:

  • Jake Paul’s multi-million dollar Calabasas mansion in LA raided by federal agents.
  • Several heavily armed SWAT teams aided the raid.
  • At least 20 federal agents, including SWAT, carried out a ground search.
  • UPDATE: New aerial footage shows FBI removed what appears to be illegal firearms.
  • UPDATE: No comments from Jake Paul.

Jake Paul has been radio silent since August 1st but rumours say he’s been living it up in Los Vegas. His last activity was retweeting a kind message one of his fans left him.

The Tweet read: “Unpopular opinion but I’m starting to like the new Jake Paul, he has matured so much and I personally don’t think he deserves so much hate. I hope he destroys Nate Robinson in that fight!”

Armoured trucks seen leaving Jake Paul’s LA area after they raided the Jake Paul Calabasas mansion.

Jake Paul recently got into a lot of trouble with the law after he was spotted trespassing in a broken into Arizona mall. It appears that Jake Paul might have participated in the lootings some photos reveal. He was later arrested and charged with a misdemeanour.

He later claimed he was merely in Arizona for the purpose of documenting the Black Lives Matter protest and issued a formal apology.

Now he’s back in the limelight, and this time it seems to be very serious.

FBI confirm they had a warrant to raid and SWAT the Jake Paul mansion.

TMZ reported that feds arrived at the property owned by Jake Paul with several SWAT teams and armoured vehicles.

At least 20 heavily armed agents were seen doing the ground search of his property.

[mv_video key=”c4alizv4029ujwyescym” title=”Jake Paul’s LA property was raised by the FBI and a team of heavily armed agents in armoured trucks this morning; guns and drugs suspected” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/c4alizv4029ujwyescym.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

“This isn’t a prank gone wrong. We know it’s real this time,” the reporter added.

What were the feds searching for at the Jake Paul house?

The warrant is sealed by the judge so whatever the feds were looking for wont be revealed until the investigation is over, but due to the extreme response of the search team people believe it might be illegal drugs and firearms.

No arrests have been made as of yet, and Jake Paul is reportedly in Los Vegas at the time of the raid. He has not posted anything on social media about the raid of his LA Calabasas mansion.

Drone footage shows FBI removing illegal firearms from Jake Paul’s mansion

The federal agents were, in fact, searching Jake Paul’s mansion for firearms. Aerial drone footage captured by the BBC shows the FBI removing, what appears to be, illegal firearms from his Calabasas home.

FBI find illegal guns/firearms at Jake Paul's home

FBI spotted removing firearms from Calabasas mansion in drone footage.

Despite the newly emerged footage the authorities refuse to confirm nor deny their findings or comment on the investigation. The investigation remains confidential because the warrant has been sealed by a judge.

Rumours are surfacing that Jake Paul met some militant protesters known as ANTIFA during his looting stint in Arizona and agreed to store some of the weapons for them.

It is unknown whether Jake Paul tipped the feds off himself, but it is likely considering he planned to be in Los Vegas during the time of the raid.

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