Jessika Power is willing to go completely nude for enough money

Jessika Power posted a topless picture of herself on Instagram to promote some weird skincare product. Might go completely nude next.

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Life hasn’t been the same for some Married at First Sight stars after the show ended here in Australia. It’s now been two years since Jessika Power got some screen-time and now she’s fighting for relevance on Instagram.

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The former home wrecking reality TV star has been desperate for attention — and seemingly cash — as of late. It is as though Jessika Power’s main, and most likely only, source of income, and she’s trying her best to cash in.

With every sponsored Instagram post Jessika Power has to reveal more and more skin (practically nude); we’ve already seen most of her (she had an accidental nip-slip last year) and now she’s practically posting nudes on Instagram to promote dodgy products.

Jessika Power is willing to go completely nude for cash. Jessika Power OnlyFans up next? (Source: IG)

There’s no doubt that Jessika is still a stunningly beautiful woman. How she maintains that form without working out at the gym is a mystery (trust me, we’ve seen her form… it’s laughable). It is safe to say that Jessika Power would earn more opening up a OnlyFans account and selling her nudes and lewds there instead of being a ‘social media influencer’ online. She’s practically selling her nudes already, just at a much lower rate.

What do you guys think? Should she open an OnlyFans account? Let us know in the comments below.

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