John Boyega has Disney’s support after rallying angry protesters in the UK


John Boyega said he doesn’t care about ending his career after citing angry protesters to fight against white racists in the UK.

John Boyega believes that black people do not have the same rights as white people although he lives in one of the most racially diverse countries in Europe. Now the former Star Wars actor is leading angry protesters against white people in the United Kingdom.

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A series of photos show the 28-year-old English actor raising his fists and telling black people to ‘take back the UK no matter the cost’. Some believe that he’s calling for violence against white people.

Although some part of the Black Lives Matter protest have been peaceful it has let to the looting and burning of business and homes all across the U.S. and it is now starting happen in the United Kingdom as white police officers are being targeted and violently beaten.

John Boyega claims that he intends to lead a peaceful protest against white people on behalf of the Black Lives Matter movement yet he is dressed as a member of the, now legally recolonised terrorist group, Antifa. This indicates that he may be expecting things to get violent.

Photos of John Boyega rallying angry BLM (Black Lives Matters) protesters in the UK.

“Look I don’t know if I’m going to have a career after this but, f**k that,” he announced through his megaphone to many thousands of angry protesters were ready to march on London.

VIDEO: John Boyega rallies angry BLM protesters in London, UK.

Disney has since responded to John Boyega’s statement reassuring him that they stand by him no matter what happens.

However, the film and animation conglomerate hasn’t always had John Boyega’s back. In 2015 Disney removed Boyega from the Star Wars: Force Awakens poster to appease the racist demands of the CCP.

Do you support John Boyega strong stance against white people in the Black Lives Matter movement? Let us know in the comments below.

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