Johnny Depp granted Emergency Hearing ahead of Amber Heard trial


BIG WIN FOR JOHNNY DEPP! Crucial confidential documents regarding Amber Heard have been declassified and judge grants Emergency Hearing for the Pirates of the Caribbean actor.

Johnny Depp’s legal team has been granted access to confidential documents pertaining to Amber Heard after a subpoena revealed that she had lied, several times, under oath.

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Amber Heard was exposed lying under oath about donating the entirety of her USD$7 million divorce settlement money in her UK trial. Amber Heard told the UK High Courts that the divorce settlement money, paid by Johnny Depp, was donated to charity. However, CHLA and UCLA failed to show receipts after Depp’s legal team filed a subpoena ordering the organisations to show proof of transaction.

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Amber Heard paparazzi driving
Amber Heard driving brand new Range Rover paid for by Johnny Depp.

The result is a big win for Johnny Depp as the courts have granted him an Emergency Hearing to review confidential documents pertaining to Amber Heard that were previously classified by her attorneys.

Amber Heard is a bad driver?

In a sworn statement Ms Heard also told the UK High Court that Johnny Depp prevented her from having a car for almost four years in order to control her. Johnny Depp’s attorney said that was absurd but the star-struck Judge Nicol believed Heard without so much as a shred of evidence proving her claim.

AH car perjury lie
Adam Waldman exposes another Amber Heard lie: Johnny Depp didn’t prevent her from having a car.

Now Depp’s legal team is gearing up for the big defamation trial against Amber Heard and have dug up a plethora of documented evidence proving that Amber Heard lied many times during her hearing in the UK.

One of the most recent lies exposed by Adam Waldman is her claims that Depp prevented her from having a car. As a matter of fact, Johnny Depp paid up to USD$65,000 for car rentals after she totalled her vehicle. Amber Heard also ran several red lights in the rental car as shown on the tax receipt.

Depp bought her a brand new Range Rover
Johnny Depp paid for repairs, car hire, and bought Amber Heard a brand new Range Rover.

He then bought her a brand new Range Rover worth over USD$100,000 in January, 2015. This would mark the fourth time that Ms Heard perjury.

Although an Emergency Hearing has been granted for Johnny Depp regarding Amber Heard’s confidential documents, we are still not sure what it could be in relation to. Perhaps it is the charity/donation fraud that Adam Waldman exposed on New Year’s Day. Perhaps it is a look into Ms Heard’s financial records and spending. It could even be her medical records. Only time will tell.

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