Johnny Depp’s verdict from The Sun libel case could be overturned


A date has been set for Johnny Depp’s emergency hearing regarding the libel case against The Sun which could over turn the verdict.

Johnny Depp and his legal team appealed the bogus verdict of The Sun libel case and now they’ve now been granted an emergency hearing by judge Lord Justice Underhill of the Court of Appeals.

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There’s been a revelation of new damaging evidence against Amber Heard proving that she lied and committed perjury under oath in the UK High Court during Depp’s libel case against The Sun. After the verdict was handed out it was discovered that Amber Heard lied to her teeth multiple times, presented false evidence, and even stole stories from real domestic violence survivors.

The verdict was helped along by a, now proven, very biased judge Sir Nichols who has close ties with Rupert Murdoch’s billion dollar media empire. His son is also a close friend and associate of Dan Wootton, executive editor at The Sun and the person who wrote the “wife beater” article on Johnny Depp.

Amber Heard with her legal team during The Sun libel case in the United Kingdom.
Amber Heard celebrates Johnny Depp’s verdict with her legal team during The Sun libel case in the United Kingdom.

With all this coming into light judge Lord Justice Underhill of the Court of Appeals had no choice but to grand Depp and his legal team an emergency hearing regarding his verdict, and it is looking very, very good for the 57-year-old Oscar nominee Finding Neverland actor.

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If the The Sun libel verdict is overturned then Amber Heard has even less ammo for her upcoming defamation countersuit case against Johnny Depp which, experts say, is built on shaky ground.

“Amber Heard’s legal team is on the defensive leading up to her counter defamation case which is a really telling sign about just how unprepared they are for the fight. Johnny Depp’s legal team has done amazing work to dismiss many of Heard’s claims from the UK trial. If the verdict is overturned, I am very confident that she will lose her countersuit,” our attorney opined.

If The Sun libel verdict is overturned then Johnny Depp will not need to pay the publication AU$1,123,808.38 in legal fees and will be generously compensated for damages.

The emergency hearing regarding The Sun libel verdict will take place between March 15 and 31 and will last for approximately 2 hours. Deadline reports that Amber Heard’s legal team has until February 21 to provide reasons for opposing this appeal, at which point Depp’s team will have until February 28 to counter.

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