Madonna shares a video in her bathtub scaring the rest of the Internet


“We’re all going down together,” the singer says about the COVID–19 outbreak while relaxing in a bathtub in her luxury home.

Fans are growing concerned for Madonna and her mental well-being after the last two videos she posted online. First, a cringe performance performance of her hit ‘Vogue’ song… and now this.

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Madonna felt compelled to speak to the world about the impending doom of the Coronavirus because of her lack in faith in the current White House administration. From her rose petal filled bathtub, she warned people, “if the ship sinks, we’re all going down together.”

However, many are criticising her video as being nothing more than pandering.

“She says she’s suffering like the rest of us, while soaking in bath filled with rose petals while a film crew records her in her million dollar home,” one user wrote.

CREEPY VIDEO: Madonna sings about fried fish and pasta and gets the bathtub.

“Lecturing us on self quarantining while getting her film crew to follow her around doing dumb stuff, this is a new kind of dumb,” another wrote.

The 61-year-old, former, queen of pop also gave fans a bit of a scare when she uploaded a video of herself doing a parody of her own hit song ‘Vogue’ making the song about fried fish instead.

Madonna eating pasta

Old creepy picture of Madonna eating pasta, no fried fish.

“Living in Special Times…………thank GOD for imagination and fried fish!” She tweeted with a video of herself, seemingly high or intoxicated, butchering her own classic.

Chad Prather, a political commentator for BlazeTV, responded to her Tweet with very harsh criticism, writing, “we’re watching an attention whore celeb have a meltdown in front of us.”

Others found her form and performance way too concerning after witnessing the singer stagger, stumble and almost collapse while spinning.

Madonna may not be ready to step out of the spotlight (or even the bathtub) and hang up her dancing boots just yet, but it is evident that her fan base is dwindling and her relevance is fading.

Is it perhaps too late for Madonna to bow and back off and end her career with dignity? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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