Meghan Markle exposed for lies during Oprah Winfrey interview


Meghan Markle is being slammed on Twitter after being exposed lying multiple times about the royal family during her Oprah interview.

Meghan Markle lied through her teeth during her Oprah Winfrey interview but sadly those calling her out on her lies are simply labelled racists and are being banned from Twitter.

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A visibly uncomfortable Harry was made disavow his family and friends on national television to please his b-list celebrity wife. But the prince was clearly forced to do it.

Despite previously having claimed that they left the royal family by choice the former prince and the b-list celebrity actress said they were forced out and therefor their access to the privy purse was cut.

Everything is racist.

Meghan Markle blamed the royal family and the British media for being “racist” insinuating the only reason that they didn’t like her was because of her skin colour.

Meghan half white
Meghan Markle exposed by British media.

However, the royal family made massive sacrifices to their traditions to accommodate Meghan’s demands during their televised — and truthfully awkward — wedding.

British royal tradition was tucked away so that they could honour Meghan’s race and culture. Despite having grown up in California, USA, and having a white father Meghan insisted that the royal family treat her like an African princess.

Bullied Royal aides.

After the wedding the newly weds moved to Kensington Palace. Meghan Markle said she did not feel welcomed or comfortable there and went on to call the Royal aides racist before ultimately moving back the the USA with her husband. But the Kensington Palace staff have since exposed Markle’s lies. They said she was nasty, messy, very entitled and even bullied them.

Meghan Markle snob
Markle is mean.

Apparently Markle wasn’t just nasty to Royal aides. A few of our colleagues in the English media have told us that she was also very nasty to them.

“She is extremely entitled,” our British colleague told us. “She wouldn’t make eye contact with me and then she muttered demeaning things about me and my job to her entourage within earshot of me.”

Rude to media.

“She thinks the entirety of the UK media is racist. It’s a copout. It is her own attitude that generates these negative headlines. My country [England] is hugely diverse. This has nothing to do with racism,” our corresponded added.

Archie Markle race
Little Archie too dark to be a royal, Meghan Markle tells Oprah Winfrey.

She concluded: “I have contacts who are Royal aides. Some of the ones who are being called racist are actually from Africa. Meghan is a liar.”

Meghan Markle also accused several members of the royal family of being racist. Harry unconvincingly alleged that the family did not like their son’s skin colour and that they were too concerned he was too dark to be a royal.

That claim seems a bit outrageous considering their son, Archie, has a lighter complexion than Meghan, and Meghan was welcomed with open arms into the royal family. They made massive compromises to their centuries old traditions even though she was just a b-list celebrity from California.

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