Rose McGowan celebrates “Hollywood’s demise” after worst Oscars ever


Oscars 2021 saw an all-time low in ratings and viewership and some celebrities are celebrating the downfall of Hollywood.

Scream queen and Charmed star Rose McGowan is one of the most influential people in the #MeToo movement and she has had her target locked on Hollywood for quite some time. Now, with the worst rated Oscars of all-time, Rose McGowan is celebrating “Hollywood’s demise” in 2021.

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Rose McGowan was among the first women to call out the depravity of the Hollywood elites and played a huge part in the success of the #MeToo movement. She was also among the first women to speak publicly about the now disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. McGowan alleged that the producer assaulted her in 1997, during the Sundance Film Festival. Her allegation was backed by a tweet she made in 2016 wherein she claims that she had been raped by an unnamed studio head. Now she can finally celebrate Hollywood’s demise.

Rose has since fought hard to be a voice for the voiceless and has been very outspoken against abusers. She’s considered a champion to domestic violence survivors around the world. Sadly, McGowan was barred from Hollywood after she took the side of of a Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade.

Exiled from Hollywood.

Tara Reade’s mother first brought attention to the the alleged assault against her daughter on Larry King Live in 1993, but Hollywood and the mainstream media alike claim that Tara Reade only made up these allegations to hurt Biden’s 2020 presidential run. 

Tara Reade, a former staffer in Biden’s U.S. Senate office, alleged that Joe Biden, the former U.S. vice president and Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election, sexually assaulted her in 1993 in a Capitol Hill office building when she was a staff assistant in his office. Biden denied Reade’s allegations.

Rose McGowan slammed Hollywood’s double standards when they refused to believe Tara Reade’s allegations due to partisan politics and called them a “dangerous cult.”

Rose McGowan calls democrats evil

Last night Rose McGowan finally had something to celebrate. It looks like karma is finally hitting Hollywood, and very hard. This year’s Oscars had the lowest ratings in the history of the show. The Oscars 2021 rating fell an incredible 58% this year. This means they lost more than half of their viewership since last year with only 9.8 million views internationally.

Hollywood’s demise.

Even Aussies are getting sick of the political pandering that takes place during the Oscars and have decided they’ve got better things to do with their time than watch a bunch of rich adults pat each other on the back and congratulate themselves from saving the world from Donald J Trump while celebrating an alleged rapist, Joe Biden.

Rose McGowan was delighted at the news and shared a Tweet expressing her joy about the Oscars terrible ratings, “Is it wrong of me to celebrate Hollywood’s demise?”

The Oscars used to be the place where young talents aspired to be one day. It also used to a special event that people would watch so they could participate in celebrating the accomplishments of their favourite actors and actresses. But now, sadly, it is just another political show. Perhaps that’s why the ratings are so low; Oscars used to have an audience outside of the USA.

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