The Sun photoshopped Amber Heard fake injuries/abuse pictures


New evidence shows that the British tabloid deliberately manipulated pictures of Amber Heard to make her injuries look a whole lot worse.

A video was uploaded to a YouTube channel known as “Keeley Talks” comparing the original Amber Heard abuse photos to the ones that were published in the “Johnny Depp wife beater” article and they were clearly edited.

NEWS: Amber Heard accused of stealing her former assistants abuse story.

Johnny Depp sued The Sun for libel after they published a now verifiably false article that called the Edward Scissorhands actor a “wife beater” and despite having plenty of evidence to prove his innocence the UK High Court ruled in the favour of the billionaire owned media empire.

Strangely enough judge Sir Nicol gave the verdict while still claiming there was not not sufficient evidence to prove that Johnny Depp was a wife beater and instead chose to side with the publication because he felt that the words “gold digger” were more damaging to Heard’s career than Depp being called a domestic abuser.

Amber Heard fake inuries
Amber Heard abuse injuries are presumed fake with new evidence proving pictures were photoshopped.

It was later discovered that the judge who oversaw the Depp v The Sun libel case was close friends with the Murdoch family and his own son was a colleague of the person who wrote the slanderous piece on Johnny Depp. He also had close ties with Amber Heard.

Despite these new revelations the British High Court initially turned down Depp’s legal team appeal, at first. But now they have so much more evidence proving that Amber Heard committed perjury while lying under oath and they’ve finally been granted an emergency hearing next month which could overturn the libel trial verdict.

Fans are also keeping their keen eyes on any developing news while also scrutinising any strange details they may find. Johnny Depp, in turn, even thanked his fans for the support going as far to say that these new legal victories would never have been possible without them.

The latest bit of dirt that a fellow Johnny Depp fan dug up is that The Sun photoshopped pictures of Amber Heard to make her perceived injuries look a whole lot worse.

YouTuber “Keeley Talks” uploaded a ten minute video comparing the original photos of Amber Heard with the ones that were published in the slanderous article published by The Sun. The video clearly proves that The Sun’s editor used filters and effects to darken marks and emphasise reds ultimately making the pictures look a lot worse.

The Sun edited Amber Heard picture
Left: Photoshoped Amber Heard photo published by The Sun. Right: Original photo taken by Amber Heard.

This new evidence can completely undo The Sun’s verdict if presented during Johnny Depp’s emergency hearing that is scheduled for March, 2021. It proves that the tabloid publication uses nefarious methods to push a narrative that sells papers, which is defamation in a nutshell.

Keeley did a great job highlighting the massive differences between the original photos and the ones published by The Sun. Once compared it barely looks like Amber Heard has any injuries in the original photos.

“Why would The Sun have to edit the photos they were sent by Amber Heard? To make them more believable? To garner more sympathy for her?” Keeley asked in her video.

amber heard photoshopped bruise
You can barely see any kind of bruising in original photo (left) so The Sun clearly photoshopped it to make it look a whole lot worse (right).

Keeley also uploaded a video where she recreated Amber Heard’s alleged bruises using nothing but two shades of lipstick. Considering that Amber Heard’s personal stylist claims that Amber Heard didn’t have any cuts or bruises on her face the following day also seems to suggest that these photos are not only photoshopped but fake too.

The emergency hearing regarding The Sun libel verdict will happen next month, sometimes betwen March 15 and 31. It will last for approximately 2 hours.  Amber Heard’s legal team has until February 21 to provide reasons for opposing this appeal, at which point Depp’s team will have until February 28 to counter.

If The Sun libel verdict is overturned Amber Heard will have little ammunition for her counter suit defamation case later this year.

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