Zac Efron looks ugly after plastic surgery fans think


Noughties heartthrob and High School Musical alumni Zac Efron has had plastic surgery done and people think he looks ugly and ridiculous.

Why Zac… why? One of the most beautiful people in Hollywood didn’t like his aging looks and decided to get plastic surgery done; now Zac Efron looks the Bagdonoff twins, fans think. But our source alleges the new look is just for a movie.

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Zac Efron has always been considered classically beautiful and handsome. He has the perfect jawline, piercing eyes and perfect smile. I’m even swooning over him right now. But the 33-year-old High School Musical actor is appears to be ashamed of his aging looks and has decided to get some work done… and fans are not impressed.

Zac Efron after surgery

Zac Efron has had some work done (and by work I mean plastic surgery) and now people think he’s ugly. He has had collagen injections done his chin and cheeks, added lip fillers, and it looks like he has had his nose done as well. Although Zac Efron has not confirmed that he has had surgery, and at the time this may just be rumours, it certainly looks like he’s had work done.

Perhaps the 17 Again star felt that he needed to make improvements after he split with his his super model Australian Vanessa Valladares. Things were getting serious as the couple were looking at buying a home together here in Australia but earlier this month Elle Magazine reported that the couple had split.

Zac and Vanessa Valladares

Maybe Vanessa saw what Zac had done to his faces and “noped” the heck out off there. Or maybe the breakup crushed his ego to the point where his self-confidence was shot and he felt he needed to make changes.

Surely being voted People’s Magazine most sexiest man alive in 2017 had to boost is ego a bit. It would ultimately be hard living up to that title continuously.

Now people are comparing Zac Efron to the Bogdanoff twins and there might be a similar story behind the story for everlasting youth. The brothers started noticing that time doesn’t spare their appearance, so they went for a measure of last resort. However, a simple face lift wasn’t the end of it. The brothers had chin implants, cheek implants, fillers and botox. Still, Igor and Grichka have always denied the over-indulgence in plastic surgeries.

Zac wants to look more like Tom Selleck.

A source close to Disney has told us not to worry too much about this new transformation and that that Zac’s new look is just for his upcoming role in the Disney reboot of Three Men and a Baby where he plays the lead, Peter Mitchel, previously played by Tom Selleck; universally considered the most manliest man ever.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck has often been called the most manliest man alive. He’s won the sexiest man alive award more than any other, so much — in fact — that even his moustache as won an award. Our source is confident that Zac Efron just had a bit of work done to his chin to he could look as good Tom Selleck with a moustache in Three Men and a Baby.

It could be that Zac Efron just doesn’t feel manly enough when compared to Tom Selleck and felt he needed to super-charge his chin? It is a possibility.

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