Ethan Klein’s meltdown is damaging Hila’s Teddy Fresh brand


H3H3Productions star, Ethan Klein, decided to inject himself into some online drama which has divided his fan base and hurt Hila’s brand.

Ethan Klein went off the rails during in a podcast where he discussed the recent iDubbbz controversy. Not only did he side with his iDubbbz, but he proceeded to call the people who criticised him some harsh words.

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“You are the most unf*ckable repulsive creature, just sad. You are a simp, bro — a simpleton — simple minded. You are concerned about other people’s relationship when you don’t work on your own physical appearance and improve your ability to attract women,” Ethan said on his podcast.

His significant other, Hila Klein, was clearly uncomfortable with his tirade and told him to, “calm down.” Ethan had the opportunity to apologise but instead he doubled-down on his comments further adding, “they are sub human slime.”

A lot of people understand that Ethan is good friends with Ian “iDubbbz” Carter and that he might just be sticking up for his friend, but going as far as to calling his critics terrible names shows that he is emotionally invested in the drama.

Unfortunately for the YouTube power couple, Ethan’s tirade could have badly damaged Hila’s clothing line Teddy Fresh.

Hila Klein launched Teddy Fresh in 2017, a clothing brand featuring brightly-coloured colour-blocked beanies, socks, sweatshirts and the iconic teddy bear logo.

The company is highly successful and is one of the main sources of income for the multi-million dollar YouTubers.

Ethan Klein and Ian "Idubbbz" Carter

Ethan Klein’s meltdown over iDubbbz drama hurting Hila Klein and damaging Teddy Fresh.

There was a massive drop in site visits after Ethan’s meltdown which could also translate to a massive loss in sales.

One of the reasons is because there is a massive crossover in H3H3Productions fans and iDubbbz old fans. So, as a result of his tirade, a lot of potential customers opted not to give their money to someone who called them, “unf*ckable sub human slime.”

Another thing effecting Teddy Fresh sales seems to be linked to Ethan Klein’s political hot-takes. H3H3Productions used to avoid divisive political talk, but that has drastically changed as of late.

ted fresh rank

Ethan Klein’s meltdown is damaging Hila’s Teddy Fresh brand. Massive drop in visits.

“I don’t want to talk about this on my show. I know there are a lot of people who are divided on the issue, and I don’t want to piss off half of my viewers. That’s not what I’m about,” Ethan had previously stated on one of his podcasts.

That, though, has changed. Much to the disapproval of his business partner, Hila, Ethan has gone on many politics rants and has, on occasion, called conservative right-wingers “Neo-Nazis”.

He even endorsed far-left socialist former-presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, by donating $1000USD to his campaign.

Teddy Fresh is a unique brand that sells quality clothing and Hila Klein has worked hard to build her clothing line. Perhaps Ethan should respect that and try to think with a bit of oversight before going on vulgar rants about his fans and potential customers.

Will you be buying Teddy Fresh any time soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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