Billie Eilish should be shamed for this picture, but not for what you think


While some trolls are body shaming Billie Eilish, others are shocked that she has committed a fashion sin; socks with sandals.

A candid photo was snapped of Billie Eilish while she was out on the bout by her lonesome… and a lot of people have a lot to say about her appearance; namely her fashion sense (or the lack there of).

Eilish has previously talked about how she retreated from social media after toxic trolls body shamed her after a series of pictures leaked of her in a bikini in a hot-tub. Billie Eilish later addressed her anxiety on The Ellen Show where she expressed her opinion on the thicc rumours.

Sure, the 18-year-old mega popstar may have put on a bit of weight over the course of the year, but haven’t we all? Gyms have been closed, events cancelled, and some of us are forced to day indoors by our overreaching governments.

There’s not much to do except stay home, gobble down snacks, game, and binge watch television shows. Naturally, we are going to come out of his looking a bit softer. However, there is absolutely no excuse for these Billie Eilish pictures.

Billie Eilish candid photo body shamed.
Billie Eilish (not body) shamed in all-beige-everything and sporting socks with sandals for these pictures.

Socks WITH sandals? Are you kidding me. The only people who can be forgiven for such a fashion sin are boomer dads and granddads. Eilish is supposed to be some sort of fashion icon, according to mainstream media, because she wears expensive brands and is a little out there.

I could go on about the fact that she is completely dressed in beige and has her tank-top tucked into her shorts, but that’s nowhere as Billie Eilish wearing socks with sandals!

Guccigang Gucci gang
Does Billie Eilish have an affinity for beige because here she is in beige Gucci nightgown.

Now she has proven that she knows very little about fashion; luckily she can afford thousand dollar Gucci sweatpants and other apparel to hide the fact that she is tone-deaf and tasteless when it comes to fashion.

Billie Eilish may be an amazingly talented musical artist, but we should not look to her for fashion and/or political advice.

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