Kristen Stewart gives up, wears stinky torn shoes & dresses like a hobo


Kristen Stewart gives up on life? The actress was spotted at Deadline’s The Contenders premiere on Saturday looking like an Aussie bogan.

The 29-year old-actress is no stranger to strange fashion. She has one of the most diverse tastes in styles and has, on many occasions, been praised for her bold looks.

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But is Stewart treading on the line between trendy and trashy? There’s no doubt that the A-lister could make a trash bag fashionable–she looks beautiful in whatever she wears–but is there perhaps a time and a place for different tiers of attire?

October 5th, the former Twilight starlet attended Deadline’s The Contenders red carpet premiere event in London wearing a faded grey tee and checked navy button up pants. If that doesn’t scream low effort, she was sporting a pair of extremely worn and torn, paint stained Vans over oversized white gym socks. It is the look that makes us think, “Kristen Stewart gives up on life.”

Kristen Stewart looks trashy at Deadline's The Contenders

Kristen Stewart looks like a hobo on the red carpet with big toe sticking out off stinky old torn shoes.

What was notable about those old stinky Vans was the a massive hole in the left shoe exposing her big toe; the now famous Kristen Stewart big toe.

Stewart's shoes look stinky and torn

Kristen Stewart stinky shoes look gross, especially with her big toe sticking out.

If anyone other than a Hollywood A-lister would be seen dressed like that they’d be called classless and ridiculed, especially at a formal event or a work function. You certainly wouldn’t get hired I’d you showed up like that to a job interview.

Our guess is that those sneakers have some massive sentimental value; it’s not like they are rare or expensive, you can pick up an identical pair for roughly AUD$50 here in Australia. Footwear News seems to think this is a conscious fashion decision, though. Reportedly she has also gone barefoot to a red carpet event… classy!

The event did take place in London, maybe Kristen Stewart is one of those people who likes to travel in comfort as apposed to style, and can we really blame her for being a light traveller? It is the best and most logical way to travel. It really does look like she just got off the plane too, poor girl has massive bags under her eyes. Jet lag much?

Whether Kristen Stewart is making a bold fashion statement by wearing those stinky torn Vans, came straight from the airport or just got lazy, one thing is certain; only she can dress like a hobo (more commonly known as a bogan in Australia) and still look great. How do you think she looks? Let us know in the comments below.

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