Kristen Stewart looks like an androgynous tomboy with short orange hair


New photos of Kristen Stewart — former Twilight starlet — with bright orange hair surface online and she looks beautiful yet androgynous.

Kristen Stewart has never been scared of taking fashion risks; she adopts radical looks on the regular. This time she has decided to highlight her ‘bright side’ with a brand new cut and colour.

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We’ve seen her attend red carpet events like fashionable hobo. Heck, she’s even gone braless to professional photo shoots… what does that say about the recently turned 30-year-old actress? She doesn’t give a dang!

Kristen Stewart celebrated her 30th birthday on the 9th of April this year, but sadly due to government lockdown she had to spend it with her nearest and dearest in quarantine.

A short while later Kristen Stewart debuted her shocking new androgynous look online with short bright orange hair. Good for her!

Kristen Stewart shows of tomboy androgynous look,short orange hair, with Emma Roberts and CJ (image: CJ Romero Instagram)

She has just finished filming the LBGTQ rom-com Happiest Season with her a-lister gal pals Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie and was very excited to take a bit of a break and express herself creatively through her fashion and cosmetic choices.

Ever since Robert Pattinson broke up with her, she has mostly dated women. She distanced herself from the girl next door look and opted for a more tomboyish androgynous style… and she absolutely crushed the look in her latest Instagram pictures.

Kristen Stewart looks like a tomboy with orange hair. Photo with Emma Roberts (image: CJ Romero Instagram)

The pictures were first uploaded to CJ Romero’s Instagram. CJ is a hairstylist to the stars, you can even find a video of him colouring Kristen Stewart’s hair.

The pictures show Kristen Stewart, Emma Roberts, and CJ Romero drinking and having fun together.

What do you think of her new hairstyle? Love it or hate it? Let us know in the comments below.

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