Luci from Disenchantment cosplay shows character as non-binary emo


There are some characters that you just shouldn’t cosplay as, Luci is one of them. But people have turned the little demon into a non-binary gendered emo.

Luci (Disenchantment) is a demon from Hell who has been magically summoned by the Enchantress and Emperor Cloyd of Maru to act as their “emissary”. He is presented to Bean in the form of a wedding gift. He also plays the part of Princess Bean’s inner, or personal, demon, often leading her down temptation’s wing.

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Luci looks like a tiny cat-like shadow. He has two small horns and a pointy tail. Like a shadow, Luci is also pitch black and he is only ever animated facing either left or right revealing one large eye. This proves that he does not actually have a 3D physical form as the demon only has one large eye which can be seen regardless of the direction he is facing, and thus is only animated in 2D.

Even the most talented cosplayer would struggle doing Luci. There’s a certain art to cosplaying and overdoing it could mean the artists just ends up looking like a Halloween reject or cheap mascot. But that hasn’t stopped some people from dying trying… and the results are kind of cringe-worthy.

These attempts at cosplay just remind me of really terrible TikTok video. Okay, well I just realised a lot of these are made with TikTok, so that explains that. Most of these you wouldn’t even know it’s Luci from Disenchantment if it wasn’t for them using the #lucicosplay hashtag. Watch them and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Chemistry by @latharna_

Luci and Bean romance
Luci cosplay by @latharna_ (Disenchantment cosplay)

I have to give props when they are deserved. This photo does have some production value. Nice location, nice lighting, and all that jazz. But seeing Luci turned into an emo lover just doesn’t feel right.

The picture above shows exactly how I feel. Remember, if you like what you see, go follow them to show some support. But now I warn you, it only gets worse from here.

Ruin someone else’s life by @lowcash.cosplay

Luci cosplay by Lowcash
Luci cosplay by @lowcash.cosplay (Disenchantment cosplay)

Nothing says ‘I’m Luci louder than smoking and drinking, or at least that’s what a lot of these Luci “cosplayers” seem to think. Just in case you don’t get the message, this cosplayer made sure to Photoshop Luci in to the picture just to make it a little more obvious. You can see the full picture here.

Lowcash is an Icelandic cosplayer who goes by Max; pronouns they/them. The above videos is not from Lowcash’s official page, it was taken from a fan account that posts a collection of their stuff. Lowcash is an absolute stunner in their un-evolved form, so the transformation is actually kind of cool. If you like them, you can check out the official page at this link.

Goati de Luci by @lu.kaos

trans luci and bean cosplay
Luci cosplay by @lu.kaos (Disenchantment cosplay)

Brisvegas represent! Always great to see fellow Aussies take part in the awesome culture of cosplay. But something has to be said about that soul patch. Maybe that’s the irony, that Luci doesn’t have a soul (patch)? But it just reminds me too much of the soul patch guy from Adam Sandler’s Just Go With It.

However, this is one of the classiest Luci cosplays we’ve seen. Look how sharply dressed she is, it’s actually kind of hot. If you are an Aussie you better make sure you give her support by following her on Instagram.

Gin and juice by @devilcouncils.cos

gin, juice and rainbow pride
Luci cosplay by @devilcouncils.cos (Disenchantment cosplay)

Hey kids, want to cosplay as Luci? Just die your hair black, put a bit of grease on your fingers, raid your parents liquor cabinet, and roll up a piece of paper and pretend its a joint. Actually, don’t. That’s terrible advice.

First of all, points for donning the AC/DC tee; they are Australia’s pride and joy. Devilcouncils may just be a cosplayer, but at least he is giving it his best. There’s definite room for improvement but I’m confident that if he sticks to it, and stops making TikTok videos, he’ll make it far.

LuciGBT by @lil.peterpan

LGBTQ demon by @lil.peterpan
Luci cosplay by @lil.peterpan (Disenchantment cosplay)

The next cosplayer needs no introduction because they are a master of self-branding. You wont see a Lil Pepterpan picture without knowing that it’s them. But sadly, this Luci cosplay is terrible. I wouldn’t have known it was Luci unless I checked some of that tags used: #lucidisenchantment #luci #disenchantment #lucidisenchantmentcosplay #lucicosplay #lgbt #lgbtq #pride.

It’s a shame really. Lil Peterpan clearly has talent. If you check out some of their other work you can see some amazing make up. Also, the artist clearly has a well thought out atheistic and is a genius when it comes to branding.

Lazy Luci by @kitghostcosplay

Vampire emo cosplay
Luci cosplay by @kitghostcosplay (Disenchantment cosplay)

Okay, now this is just lazy cosplaying and terrible Photoshop work. The horns and tails are added in, the tooth is smudged, and the eyes are shoddily blacked out. I don’t know why I even put this one on the list. I guess I match their laziness and just can’t be bothered to remove it.

All of these Luci “cosplay” pictures look identical. What more, if you visit their Instagram pages you will see that all of these artists have cosplayed the same characters in the exact same fashion. See for yourself.

Gothic Luci by @tokaru_cosplay

Tokaru_cosplay with a collar
Luci cosplay by @tokaru_cosplay (Disenchantment cosplay)

Wait… I thought Luci wasn’t a cat. Why the flee-collar? The cosplayer looks like they are about to lick their paws and start grooming themselves. Oh wait maybe that’s one of those BDSM slave collars? Who knows. I am intrigued by the eyes, seriously not sure if the are lenses or not.

Skip through the gallery and watch those videos. Oh my God. What have they done to you, poor little Luci. But hey, at least the mouth make up is on point! You can find more cool cosplay stuff on his profile, so make sure you check it out.

Meow? by @stupid.cosplayer54

Overweight demon
Luci cosplay by @stupid.cosplayer54 (Disenchantment cosplay)

“I’m not a cat, I’m a demon,” *cosplays as a cat*. When your ‘costume’ consists mostly of emo make up, cat lenses, and black hair, the type of ‘ears’ you use really matters. In this case cat ears don’t cut it for demon horns. You may as well be cosplaying a witch’s familiar.

I’m a little confused. This cosplayer defines their pronouns as they/them on their Instagram profile, yet they used the tag #emogirl for their Luci cosplay? Well, which is it? Check out their profile and decide for yourself.

Lonely emo by @rattiecosplay

drunk emo looks like Luci
Luci cosplay by @rattiecosplay (Disenchantment cosplay)

So, this is where we are now at. The line between Luci crossplay and a day drinking emo has been crossed. If you saw this person in public would you think they are cosplaying, or would you think that they are just your basic run-of-the-mill emo?

There are only two things on this planet that Rattiecosplay loves and that’s rats and cosplay. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting from someone whose profile consists mostly of Rainbow Dash cosplay.

Real effort by @sky_cos

Sky_Cos Disenchantment, Luci cosplay
Luci cosplay by @sky_cos (Disenchantment cosplay)

Let’s end this list on a bright note. Here’s somebody that actually put real effort into her costume. Again, without the use of hashtags like #lucicosplay, you would just assume she’s cosplaying as a dark-elf–but nope–she’s actually cosplaying as Luci.

View this post on Instagram

“So you’re like a terrible friend?-” “-I never said I was your friend.” ???? . . Late post because Ivy and I have been INSANELY busy packing and tying up loose ends on our business back home before moving into our new apartment tomorrow ???????? Super excited to live in downtown ATL again though! I’ll be sure to keep you all nice and updated on all the happenings till we get settled. . (Now to watch some more Disenchantment while I finish packing ✨) . . [ ????: @yandere_oji ] . [ Characters: Luci and Princess Tiabeanie from “Disenchantment” ] . | #cosplay #cosplayer #demon #demoncosplay #disenchantment #disenchantmentcosplay #luci #disenchantmentluci #lucicosplay #renaissance #renaissancefestival #renfaire |

A post shared by Sky-???? (@sky_cos) on

She made it perfectly clear that she’s actually cosplaying Luci and not just some random emo. She did a photo shoot with her friend cosplaying as Princess Bean; it’s actually a pretty awesome photo! Thankfully she avoided the whole ‘Luci TikTok’ thing and stuck to cosplay… oh wait…

You might have to skip to the second image in the gallery to see the video. But hey, apart from that little cringey video her profile is actually filled with awesome cosplay pictures. Sky Cos is actually an amazing cosplayer well worth checking out.

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