Petition to remove Amber Heard as L’Oreal spokesperson reaches 5k


Petition to remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 reached its goal of 500k signatures, now there’s a new one to remove her as spokesperson for L’Oreal.

Amber Heard has been placed under fire following leaked audio recordings of her admitting to assaulting her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. As of today two bombshell tapes have been released where the Aquaman actress taunts and mocks her ex-hubby after violently attacking him.

As retribution to the unfair treatment of Johnny Depp because of Heard’s allegations damaged his career and affected his family life fans have responded by petitioning to remove her from two of her key roles; one of them has met it’s target.

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The audio tapes released by Johnny Depp via The Daily Mail expose Amber Heard’s lies and paint her as the villain in their toxic former relationship.

Amber Heard at women's march

Amber Heard to be removed as L’Oreal spokesperson, petition begs.

Amber calls Depp a ‘pussy’ and makes the assertion that it isn’t abuse to beat someone that is clearly stronger than they are. After admitting to hitting him she is heard mocking him and saying that ‘the court will take her side because she’s a pretty girl and he’s on old white guy.’

In spite of the petition to remove Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2 Warner Bros/DC comics have failed to respond. Now people are petitioning L’Oreal to remove her as the company’s spokesperson after in wake of the leaked bombshell audio tapes.

The petition reads:

Multiple petitions to remove Amber Heard as the spokeswoman of L’Oréal are trending after audiotapes in which the actress allegedly admitted to physically abusing her former husband and actor Johnny Depp surfaced earlier this month.

The petitions — started on by Hillary Deanna and Federica P — accused the ‘Aquaman’ star of misrepresenting herself and the ‘MeToo’ movement. 

They have gone viral on social media, with users ganging up on both Heard and L’Oréal, urging the beauty brand to remove the actress from their ad campaign.

The people also threatened to stop using products from the branded cosmetics line if the company keeps using Heard as the face for promotions. 

Apparently, the backlash they are receiving on Twitter hasn’t been enough. #BoycottLoreal,” one said, while another tweeted, “You seriously played an Amber Heard commercial during the Oscars? Seriously? #BoycottLoreal #JusticeforJohnnyDepp.” 

Is it fair that Amber Heard is removed from these key roles now that there’s audible evidence of her physically assaulting Johnny Depp? After all, Johnny Depp lost his role as Jack Sparrow in Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean from unproven allegations made by Amber.

Let us know what you think in the comments blow.

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