The best Alita: Battle Angel cosplay pictures we’ve ever seen


Alita: Battle Angel is quickly becoming the most popular female superhero and the cosplay community love her. Here are the best we found.

Alita: Battle Angel exploded in popularity after James Cameron gave her a live-action film adaptation. Now popular cosplayers are dressing up as their favourite cyberpunk hero. These are the best Alita cosplay pictures we found.

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There’s something so special about Alita: Battle Angel that makes her a favourite among manga fans. Perhaps it big eyes, or even bigger heart. Or perhaps it is because, despite being almost entirely cyborg, she is one of the most human heroes to hit the big screen in a long while. Fans melted when she was literally willing to give her heart to the person she loved.

Alita: Battle Angel is one of this years biggest sleeper hits. It did good at the box office pulling in USD$400mil internationally despite of its lacklustre advertising campaign and that debuted at number 1 beating Captain Marvel in home media sales.

James Cameron has plans for a trilogy and the sequel aptly titled Alita: Fallen Angel is one of the most searched films on Google making it one of the most anticipated upcoming films. Although the film has not yet been greenlit by Disney, Cameron is confident that we will get a sequel.

The anticipation for the sequel is quite palpable, even popular cosplayers have shown their love by designing some amazing costumes and embodying the role of the battle hardened babe.

Here are the top 5 Alita cosplay pictures we found on Instagram. Make sure to visit their Instagram profiles and show some appreciation. If the Instagram embeds don’t load you might need to head on to our official page to read this article. Also, let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

Alita in pyjamas @mils.cosplay_

Alita: Fallen Angel cosplay by Mils.

Alita cosplay pictures by @mils.cosplay_

Mils makes the list for two reason: her originality and immaculate detail. There is so much detail in the body paint that you really need to double-take just make sure she’s not actually a cyborg. A lot of people also prefer cosplay Alita: Battle Angel when she has the upgraded body and is battle ready, but Mils captures her at her most vulnerable; when she is in her pyjamas. Even heroes need to sleep, right?

Like what you see? Make sure you go check out her other cosplay pictures, she only has a few hundred followers but is an absolutely amazing cosplay artist.

Defence mode by @lauren_lover_cosplay

Alita: Battle Angel lookalike by Lauren

Alita cosplay pictures by @lauren_lover_cosplay.

Alita, is that you? Lauren Lover looks exactly like the Battle Angel. But that’s not what earned her a spot on this list. You can clearly see how much efort she put into her costume, let alone the war paint! It’s not straight lines under the eyes, she made it look like its actually running down her cheeks. Great attention to detail.

You should definitely check out Lauren’s Instagram profile, she posts some great pictures. And it doesn’t hurt that she actually looks a lot like Rosa Salazar. There’s a picture on her profile where she’s just chilling in her costume and it looks almost exactly like her. Go give her a like and a follow.

Casual cosplay by @elefire_the_elf

Beautiful Australian cosplayer

Alita: Battle Angel cosplay by @elefire_the_elf.

You don’t always need a big budget to a great cosplayer, you just need the passion and Elefire has that in spades. No big sets, fancy lighting, professional make up or expensive cameras, Elefire still captures Alita perfectly.

Elefire is a popular Belgian/Australian cosplayer with 54 thousand fans and for a good reason; her cosplay pictures are pure quality. Make sure you go give our fellow Aussie cosplayer some love by visiting her Instagram and giving her a follow (if you haven’t already).

Cute but deadly by @sixtwo2

cosplay by @sixtwo2

Alita: Battle Angel cosplay by @sixtwo2.

Not going to lie, I had to actually verify that SixTwo2 is an actual human being; she looks like a real life anime character because of the make-up quality. But I can confirm, she is very real and very talented. This is also the most stolen Alita cosplay picture, I again had to do some serious digging to find the original artist. If you Google ‘Alita cosplay’ I guarantee you that this will be the first picture you find. Anyway, her Alita cosplay set is very professional and very awesome.

Her make-up is masterfully done. It’s almost like she’s a completely different person when she is not doing cosplay. Just check out this picture.

SixTwo2 has 84 thousand followers on Instagram and it’s no shock. Check out her page and give her a follow if you like her work, but be cautious because some of her pictures might not exactly be suitable for work.

Battle Angels by @tanuki_tinka_asai

Alita: Battle Angel by @tanuki_tinka_asai

Alita: Battle Angel cosplay by @tanuki_tinka_asai.

There are so many top notch Alita cosplayers but Sausage Roll voted and we unanimously decided that this is by far the best. Her Alita set is nothing short of perfection; the costumes, the make-up, and just the quality of the pictures — you can definitely tell that Tanuki is a massive Alita fan. There’s so much passion here.

You really need to do yourself a favour and check out the full set. As an added bonus she even poses with Mak, another talented Russian cosplayer. What can possible beat two awesome Alita cosplayers in one picture, huh?

Not only is Tanuki our favourite Alita but after taking a look at her Instagram profile she is probably our favourite cosplayer too. Her work is absolutely amazing. What makes her so great is how diverse her portfolio is; she doesn’t just cosplay as the obvious characters, she’s done Clint Eastwood, Yondu, Hellgirl, Emperor Cuzco and many, many more. You owe it to yourself to visit her Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.

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