Big tech hates Dogecoin: YouTube banning people for talking about it


Big tech have made it clear, they don’t like Dogecoin. As a matter of fact, they are not huge fans of any decentralised monies. YouTubers are reporting instant bans for merely discussing the potential value of $DOGE.

Several people had their YouTube channels terminated without so much as a warning for just discussing the meme crypto on their live streams and in their videos regardless of account standings.

The YouTube channel known as Pooop was immediately suspending during a live stream called ‘Elon Musk SNL Dogecoin live‘ for violating the harmful or dangerous content policy. The channel was terminated mid-stream and the owner believed that he was having internet issues until he refreshed the page and saw that his channel was permanently banned.

The Pooop YouTube channel had no prior warnings and strikes and was in good standing. The channel owner immediately took to Twitter to ask Team YouTube for help, but he got he only got a generic response from them.

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“Sorry to hear about the trouble – if you think the suspension was done by mistake, we recommend submitting an appeal using this form. Our team will take another look on your channel & let you know the result via email. Tweet back at us if needed,” Team YouTube responded.

Pooop’s appeal was denied within three short hours and YouTube claimed that his channel was deleted due to “repeated severe violations” of their guidelines to dangerous or harmful content.

“While it may seem unfair to say that you can show something because of what viewers theoretically might do in response, we draw the line at content that is intended to incite violence or encourage dangers, illegal activities that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death,” a YouTube staff member assigned to his case stated.

The staff member added: “We also restrict content to sell certain regulated or illegal good and services through direct sales or links to websites that sell these items.”

However, there were no links to any cryptocurrency exchanges nor did the Pooop channel owner encourage his viewers to buy cryptocurrency as he clearly stated that, “this stream is not financial advice.”

Team YouTube eventually restored the Pooop channel, including the alleged infringing video, when bigger YouTubers became involved. Sadly, that was not the case for DogeFund.

DogeFund YouTube channel banned

DogeFund was another YouTube channel that was banned for “repeated severe violations” of their community guidelines on dangerous or harmful content. Sadly, that channel has not been restored.

YouTube are clearly cracking down on cryptocurrency as videos that now have Dogecoin either in the title or bio are automatically flagged as ‘dangerous or harmful’ content by YouTube’s algorithm before they are supposedly reviewed by a human.

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