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CumRocket and “Cummies” trends on Twitter – here’s why!

You can now literally buy stuff with your cummies... I'm not even joking.

Aussies woke up this morning to see CumRocket trend on Twitter and were curious to see what it was all about, well it’s a crypto heading to the moon.

What is CumRocket and why is it trending on Twitter? Well, it’s because a lot of people made a lot of money from it. It’s a alternative cryptocurrency with an interesting concept.

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Most Aussies would think something dirty happened when they see #CumRocket trending on Twitter. It is most certainly a curious hashtag and obviously a lot of people clicked on the hashtag just to learn about the context.

“You’re just like me and saw ‘cumrocket’ trending on Twitter and just HAD to see what the f*ck the context was,” someone tweeted in response to the hashtag.

Well, CumRocket, better known as “Cummies,” is an alternative cryptocurrency and it figuratively skyrocketed to the moon over night. The CumRocket coin surged 634% over the night and the market cap broke $140 million closing at AUD$0.018; a record high for the alt crypto coin. But why? What makes the CumRocket coin so special?

CumRocket coin explained.

“Imagine if you were one of the first people to to invest in iTunes or OnlyFans? Here’s your chance, this is the ultimate crypto moonshot (that’s why we are here right?) and it just crossed 1k holders and is less than 5 days old,” Dastardly Dude shared on Reddit.

He continued, “The porn industry model is out dated and the NFT market is booming, so why not merge them? Much like the music industry in the early 2000’s people weren’t paying and just steeling content. Both the creators and consumers were losing as the industry didn’t adapt, then Steve Jobs came along and made iTunes, he bridged the gap and created a billion dollar industry. A similar thing has happened with OnlyFans, that capitalised on a niche market and created a billion dollar business in such a small amount of time… but the adult industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, there’s still plenty of voids to fill and markets to capitalize on and this is one of them.”

The poster didn’t guarantee that CumRocket or “Cummies” would be as successful but they point out that some key milestones had already been reached in such a short time and claimed that “this is as close as it gets.”.

“One such milestone today was the first private sale of a real female content creators art in a NFT form with video and audio. There is an actually product being developed behind this token which is rare right now,” they added. The NSFW CumRocket NFTs are known as ‘CumRocket Babes’ and are already available on the official website.

Up ‘cumming’ features:

  • More R18+ NFT’s by verified real life models.
  • More R18+ NFT’s in animie and waifu forms.
  • Collectable NFT’s with video and audio known as CumRocket Babes.
  • A Market place and auction house for content creators to sell and share their art.

According to Dastardly Dude there is even a “CumRocket” video game in development. The game is said to be similar to Pokemon and feature a Dex (a la PokiDex) that will keep track of all your CumRocket coin NSFW NFTs, otherwise known as CumRocket Babes.

The official website confirmed that R18+ and NSFW CumRocket coin NFTs will play a big part in the coins success with the following statement: “We have set up a farm and a partnership with degenerate.money, who now feature our CumRocket Babes in their own part of the DEGENR marketplace! The journey begins with Anime girls (designed by our own in-house artist), then we will expand and form partnerships with real models to feature 18+ content; eventually on our very own NFT Marketplace!”

Kraken will likely be among the first major Crypto Exchanges to trade CumRocket coin ($Cummies or ‘Cummies’) so it would be smart to sign up with them ahead of time. They were among the first to buy/sell/trade Dogecoin which is predicted to hit USD$1.00 by the end of the year.

Additionally, Kraken also have the lowest rates and fees out of all Crypto Exchanges currently.