Burger Urge new “Package Stimulus” ad is Anti-ScoMo and very divisive


Burger Urge “Package Stimulus” ad shows a picture of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morison vandalised with new logo tagged over him like a clown face.

No time like the present to politicise and capitalise of a global tragedy. Popular Aussie burger joint Burger Urge is using the global pandemic to take potshot at their Prime Minister with their divisive new ad campaign.

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The proudly Brisbane based burger joint is not new to controversy and have pushed the proverbial envelope a few times in the past.

They received backlash for distributing 20,000 pens that resembled blood-filled syringes. It upset neighbouring homeless shelter frequented by rehabilitating drug users.

In 2012 Burger Urge faced consumer backlash after they delivered condoms to letterboxes across Brisbane to promote their beef patties with the slogan, “‘get intimate with our new premium beef.”

They also released two controversial burgers during the G20 summit reiterating the, now largely declared, hoax of Donald Trump’s Russian collusion.

Burger Urge Anti-American Trump and Vlad Putin burger cook-up controversy.

Now, however, the burger brothers, Sean and Colby Carthew have their targets set on the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrinson (ScoMo).

Burger Urge are now advertising select burgers for $10.00AUD for take away in a deal they are officially calling ‘Package Stimulus’. The deal, at first glance, doesn’t seem that nefarious but upon closer inspection of the actual sign, it is clearly very political.

The ad sign shows a greyed out picture of Scott Morrison with the new Burger Urge logo spray-painted over it. Scott Morrison’s eye are blacked-out by the B and the smiley face goes across his throat making it appear as if he has had it slit.

No business as new ad is too shocking and divisive

Burger Urge has Anti-ScoMo (Scott Morrison) signs all over their establishment.

The ad campaign seemingly takes a shot The Morrison government’s $66.4bn stimulus package, which includes cash payments and a new loan guarantee scheme for small to medium enterprises, as well as income support for workers and businesses hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, some misguided people believe that this stimulus package is a conspiracy to make the rich… richer. Unfortunately, some Burger Urge stores are propagating this idea with this Anti-ScoMo message.

Burger Urge Facebook ad

Burger Urge Facebook page takes a shot at Scott Morrison with ‘Package Stimulus’ campaign.

The poster is very similar to anti-Capitalist ‘Eat The Rich’ propaganda posters that are now popping up around the world.

Revolutionist used to vandalise political posters and hang up their own to terrorise their leaders.

What are your thoughts on Burger Urge’s daring political ads? Should they be politicking the pandemic to win brownie points with labour party voters? Let us know in the comments below

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