Five Excuses to Avoid When Pulling a Sickie


With the recent turn in temperature confirming that winter is well-and-truly here, Australian workers are set to start dropping like flies. Thursday 13th June will be the nation’s biggest sick day according to data from Deliveroo for Business

In the lead up to “chuck-a-sickie season,” Deliveroo for Business has unveiled some fascinating insights:

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  • Thursday are most common day of the week to stay home – not all employees appear to be making it over the middle week hump in full spirit
  • The best time to call in sick (if you want to be convincing) is Tuesday morning at precisely 7.38am
  • Employees in the Gold Coast appear to skip work most frequently

Everyone’s guilty of needing a duvet day at some point in their life and Deliveroo has pulled stories from tidbits around the office to bring you the wildest excuses Aussies have used:

“My family goat has gone missing”

Man with Goat
A family goat is like a family… goat.

“My tattoo is hurting”

Bearded guy cries when getting a tattoo
Boys don’t cry… big bearded men do, though.

“My jacuzzi has burnt down” 

Jacuzzi burnt down? Might as well have said it was a time machine.

“I can’t find my car keys”

Lost Car Keys
Lost your keys? Call an Uber then!

“I think I’m allergic to almonds and someone in the office keeps eating almonds”

eating at the office | Sausage Roll
I’m allergic to almonds, and work too.

“Having never owned a pet goat it is hard to understand the level of trauma losing this family member can evoke. However Deliveroo for Business is entirely empathetic towards the Australian employers that will be enduring one of the toughest weeks of the year due to sickness,” Joe Satari, Deliveroo CEO, said.

He continued, “Utilising Deliveroo For Business may be the answer as the ultimate office perk that can be especially effective during winter in preventing a team member needing to pull a sickie.”

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