Any personal trainer will tell you that the most important thing about getting fit and looking great is the diet. For a limited time only, Deliveroo will deliver the perfect keto bowl, created by celebrity trainer Jono Castano, right to your front door.

Deliveroo has partnered with celebrity trainer and founder of the Acero Training Series – Jono Castano to launch Australia’s first Keto FISHBOWL. 

The unique high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate dish has been designed in line with the strict rules of the celebrity diet that has been credited with sculpting the bodies of movie stars, Victoria’s Secret models and some of the world’s top athletes. 

The fitspo trainer counts iconic Aussie stars like The Bachelor’s Matty ‘J’ Johnson and Real Housewives of Sydney’s Krissy Marsh among his arsenal of VIP clients. To celebrate peak-keto season, Deliveroo challenged Castano to devise and create a wholesome Keto Bowl exclusively for its customers.

What is Keto?

A keto, or ketogenic, diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can help you burn fat more effectively. It has many benefits for weight loss, health and performance, as shown in over 50 studies. It’s also used and recommended by many doctors. A keto diet can be especially useful for losing excess body fat without hunger, and for reversing type 2 diabetes.

As a huge fan of the keto diet, which is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet, I was excited to partner with Deliveroo to create the ultimate Fishbowl Keto option. On the keto diet, you need to restrict your carb intake to just 20–50g a day. By doing this, your body is forced to switch from burning glucose to then producing ketones from fatty acids in the liver, which will result in weight loss and keto energy from ketones. When combined with the correct training program, keto has helped clients and myself lose weight fast.

Jono Castano, Personal-Trainer-to-the-Stars
Jono Castano, personal-trainer-to-the-stars, keto diet fishbowl_sashimi, | Sausage Roll
Jono Castano’s speciality Keto FISHBOWL. Available from Deliveroo.

What’s in it?

Jono’s flavour-packed Keto FISHBOWL includes, your choice of protein, either Salmon/chicken/tofu with radish, cabbage, carrot, kale, and a roasted sesame dressing, topped off with ginger, almonds, avocado and a wasabi mayo drizzle. Chilli optional. Excitement compulsory.

The delish bowls of nourishing goodness will be available from the home of satisfying salads FISHBOWL,   via the Deliveroo app for $15.90 from Tuesday 21st May until Sunday 26th May.

The Keto diet was the surprise food trend that took over the world. At Deliveroo we’re proud to make it oh-so-convenient to get your health fix. Fresh from the kitchen and straight to your door with the help of one of Australia’s top fitness experts.

Joe Satari, Deliveroo

The keto bowl is the perfect meal whether you are at home, at the office or even at the gym. Deliveroo also operates in 13 cities across Australia; Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Geelong, Wollongong, Penrith, Newcastle, Cairns and Hobart… so order yours today

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