Lebanese brawl at Gloria Jeans in Broadmeadows, Vic, sends 2 to hospital


A violent brawl involving 8 Lebanese men started inside Gloria Jeans in Broadmeadows. Two men were sent to hospital and no arrests were made.

Witnesses watched in shock as 8 Lebanese men threw tables and chairs at each other at a Gloria Jeans coffee shop in a shopping mall at Broadmeadows, Victoria. It is alleged that the brawl started over some girls.

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According to Broadmeadows residents this is nothing new. People who live in the area describe the place as being highly problematic.

“I grew up in Broady and it was a great community but once certain groups of people moved in everything changed for the worst,” a local tweeted after seeing the video.

VIDEO: 8 Lebanese men fight at Gloria Jeans, Broadmeadows, over girls.

Video footage shows 8 Lebanese men brawl over girls at Gloria Jeans in Broadmeadows.

However, a lot of people blame Broadmeadows’ issues on the towns drug problem and school dropout rates. Broadmeadows’ dropout rate is 4.5 times higher than the Australian average.

The footage shows 8 Lebanese men aged between 18-30 throw tables and chairs belonging to Gloria Jeans at each other as well as 3 men in violent scuffle in front of the pastry fridge.

The fight started when a group of men were allegedly harassing girls who walked past Gloria Jeans. One girl had seemingly had enough and complained to her Lebanese friend who then decided to attack the accused harassers.

Witness said the Lebanese fight at Broadmeadows coffee shop started over girls.

The Victoria police sated that a 30-year-old man from Craigieburn and an 18-year-old man from Roxburgh Park were taken to hospital with minor injuries.

No arrests have been made and the investigation remains ongoing.

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