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McDonald’s tells white people to stop killing black trans people

McDonald’s tells white people to stop killing black trans people

McDonald’s have recently re-branded their Twitter handle to ‘Amplifying Black Voices’ and are telling white people to stop the genocide of black people.

Want to escape from the madness and just enjoy a greasy meat sandwich disguised as a burger? Well, you can’t McDonald’s are serving their menu with a side of white guilt.

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McDonald’s international have gone all-in on the Black Lives Matter movement, which somehow god jacked by trans rights activists, and our now ringing that bell of shame and pointing fingers at more than 50% of their consumers; white people.

The junk food burger joint recently changed their Twitter handle to reflect their political opinion and now show full support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The McDonald’s twitter handle now reads ‘Amplifying Black Voices’ and all they are doing is retweeting angry black leftist voices, and some of them our outright crazy.

McDonald's Black Lives Matter race baiting

Racist fast food: McDonald’s race baits on Twitter using Black Lives Matter and quoting black trans people out of context.

They stand behind the insane, and now legally debunked, allegations of NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace. Bubba Wallace claimed that racist white men put up a noose in garage as a death threat, but after the FBI did a thorough investigation they concluded there was no hate crime and that the “noose” in question was nothing more than a pull rope for the garage door.

Despite the Bubba’s allegations being a huge nothing-burger (much like McDonald’s burgers) McDonald’s doubled down and stood behind him and retweeted his false allegations.

Now Maccas has taken it one step further by retweeting Imara Jones, a black trans woman, seemingly out of context.

In the video Imara Jones says, “Black trans people have a very simply message for you. Stop killing us.”

However, she later iterates that, “we can’t expect others to care about us, when we don’t care about ourselves. We’re all free or none of us is [sic].”

It appears as though Imara Jones is speaking to trans women who take their own lives and making the point that if you truly cared about black lives you wouldn’t give up yours so easily.

McDonald’s, though, quoting her out of context, made it seem as though she is telling white people to stop killing black trans women and unstable trans people responded to the Tweet believing that white people are genocide black trans women.

A lot of people aren’t exactly buying McDonald’s virtue signalling attempt and I suspect that a lot of people won’t buy their burgers after their shameful attempt at race baiting.

McDonald’s international had nothing to say about the racist treatment of black people in their Chinese stores. They did not comment on, nor condemn, how their Chinese franchises banned black people from entering their stores.

What are your thoughts on McDonald’s latest pandering on social media? Let us know in the comments below.