ABC News Australia tech writer ‘hopes elderly die from COVID’


Tech writer for ABC News Australia, James Newburrie, said he hopes that people that don’t get the vaccinated die from COVID.

Don’t Australian left-wingers want people to take the COVID vaccine to save lives? According to the government funded Australian News Corporation (ABC Australia) tech writer James Newburrie — no. He doesn’t want freedom loving Australians to get the vaccine because he “hopes they will die” from COVID.

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There are many different political ideologies in Australia. It is one of the things that keeps our nation as intellectually diverse as it is today. However, the government funded news conglomerate known as ABC News is not very tolerant of any right-leaning views. Conservative Australians are essentially sending their hard earned tax dollars to a news corporation that silences and mocks them.

Anyone that has listened to more of 20 minutes of ABC Radio is quite familiar with their politics. Their coverage of the Scott Morison, Australian Liberal Party and the One Australia Party has never been positive. They’ve even participated in publishing verifiably false information about American politicians and have used distasteful language when talking about the former US president Donald J Trump.

Gay IT nerd

Words such as “human dumpster fire” and “white supremacist” have been used to describe Trump. The ABC even funded a podcast called From Russia With Love that deliberately mislead their audience by pushing the debunked Russian collusion conspiracy theory. So, understanding the somewhat radical leftist political ideology of the Australian government funded news corporation, it shouldn’t surprise many to see their writers posting left-wing takes on social media. However, ABC news tech writer, James Newburrie, has taken things to the next level.

Openly gay, crossdressing, ABC News tech writer and Optus IT security specialist took to twitter to share his highly controversial take on conservatives who don’t trust the rushed vaccine. “I hope you die of COVID,” Newburrie responded to a South Australian mother and grandmother, Jenny Bell.

James Newburrie (@DifficultNerd) as Lady Gaga at McDonalds

Jenny Bell offered Newburrie her vaccination shot after he took a stab at unvaccinated Aussies. “40% of Australians over 50 aren’t vaccinated. Lockdowns to protect people who refuse to take safe, effective and readily available vaccines are the ultimate in generational narcissism. It’s like negative gearing life itself,” he wrote.

Her generous offer sent the IT specialist on hateful tirade against the elderly and anti-vaxers.

“I’m out of patience. Either get the jab or die,” he tweeted, emphasising that he was dead serious. “Seriously – after 3 months of being able to be vaccinated, 40% of Australians over 50 are still unvaccinated. We’ve got millions of doses on the shelf. It’s time to just let them die. Never care about someone’s life more than they do. Get vaccinated, or just die,” he continued.

Newburrie tweet 1

Newburrie even tripled-down on his comments, adding, “I would like to make sure I’m being clear here – if you’re 50, unvaccinated, and die gasping for air on an oxygen concentrator, I would like to come visit you while my vaccinated self can laugh in your loved-ones face.”

Newburrie tweet 2

James Newburrie later clarified that he does not care about conservative lives and he just wants lockdowns to end so he could go out and party at his favourite gay nightclubs to do his crossdressing Lady Gaga gigs.

Neither ABC News Australia nor Optus have made a statement regarding James Newburrie’s comments.

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