Howie Mandel debunks kidnapping and home invasion conspiracy theories


“I’m fine. I’m really fine,” says Howie Mandel in response to conspiracy theories that claim he’s been kidnapped and held for ransom.

Howie Mandel posted a series of weird and out of character TikTok videos that had fans worried about his safety, and although he claims to be fine, fans aren’t buying it.

RUMOUR: Won’t stop until he’s dead,” James Charles plot against Shane exposed.

Howie Mandel seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a pickle after he encouraged and enabled wild conspiracy theories about his own abduction on TikTok.

After posting a series of bizarre videos, his fans and followers started diving deeper to see if there is a hidden message within.

TikTok creator @baliyadi ignited the “How Mandel has been abducted” conspiracy with a series short videos where she investigates the apparent hidden messages in Howie’s TikTok videos.

In her seven-part TikTok series, she explains several bizarre messages she claims are hidden inside of his videos and suggests that he might be asking for help.

She claims that Howie allegedly points to the letters SOS on his Lifeguard Santa Monica hoodie. And then again, in another strange DIY video, Howie writes “Shoe Stuff” on a paper bag and, according to Baliyadi, he points at the letters SOS.

Howie Mandel SOS TikTok

Howie Mandel appears to signal SOS in his TikTok videos and fans believe he has been kidnapped.

She also points out that the S’s on the paper bag look more like the number 5 which would mean he displayed the number 55.

55 in an international dialling code which will alert the police that you’re being held captive, or that there’s an intruder in your house, and you cannot talk. It even works in Australia.

The TikTok conspiracy theorist also shows Howie Mandel point to a strange number that is written on the inside of his cap. The number reads “132-0” which internet detectives allege is the police code for “armed robbery”. However, the actual police code for armed robbery is “10-32”.

Howie Mandel appeared to play into the conspiracy theory by posting more videos with S-O-S messages and strange symbols, including a video where he plays ‘Message in a Bottle’ by The Police… but now he’s backtracking.

A few hours ago How Mandel shared another video where he is smiles and says, “I’m fine. I’m really fine.” But fans aren’t buying it.

Howie reportedly has severe anxiety and a strange sense of humour, people who don’t believe the conspiracy theories are merely writing this off as a quirky way for the AGT judge to keep himself entertained during lockup.

One fan asked people to chill with the conspiracy theories. “Everyone needs to accept what he is saying. Both Alex and Jacke have cleared things up – whether you choose to believe it or not is your choice, but those saying ‘do this’ ‘do that’ need to stop – it’s making it impossible for him to be able to make content as whatever he does people are ‘finding clues’ which are now meaningless. Give Howie a break, he has done what everyone has asked of him – making a video TWICE(!!) explaining that he is perfectly fine, he shouldn’t have to explain himself to us. He has done what we have asked and we need.”

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