Social media star Brandon Calvillo tests positive fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated TikTok star catches Grinch virus.

TikTok star Brandon Calvillo tests positive for COVID-19 with Omicron variant despite being fully vaccinated with two booster shots.

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Christmas is ruined for social media star Brandon Calvillo after he tests positive with the Omicron variant a little less than week before the holiday. He must now self-isolate for until the New Year.


Former member of David Dobrik‘s Vlog Squad, author and actor Brandol Calvillo, posted a video on TikTok to his 3.3 million followers saying he had tested positive for the Omicron variant of the virus.

“Guess who has two thumbs and tested positive for COVID even though he’s fully vaccinated and has his booster? This guy!” Calvillo revealed in his new TikTok video where he showed his positive results.

Brandon Calvillo seemed shocked and disappointed that he still contracted the virus despite being fully vaccinated — which requires to shots — and having his first booster making it a total of 3 shots. In the video the 24-year-old actor showed that he had a low grade fever of 101.1F/38.4.

Brandon Calvillo vaccinated, Calvillo, omicron,
Social media star and former David Dobrik friend, Brandon Calvillo, tests positive for COVID.

Unfortunately that means that Calvillo will be unable to spend Christmas or New Years with his family because he needs to be in quarantine for at least two weeks or face jail time according to Californian law.

The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID-19 is a molecular test that looks for genetic material (ribonucleic acid or RNA) of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, in your upper respiratory specimen. Scientists use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology to convert small amounts of RNA from specimens into deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which is then replicated until SARS-CoV-2 is detectable if present.

Despite the CDR claiming that, since its approval in February 2020, the PCR test has been the gold standard for diagnosing COVID-19, it is accuracy has come into questions after multiple people, including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, have received false positives.

“Something extremely bogus is going on. Was tested for COVID four times today. Two tests came back negative, two came back positives. Same machine, same test, same nurse,” Elon Musk tweeted in November, 2020.

Elon Musk took the rapid antigen test which is supposed to be less accurate than the polymerase chain reaction test that Calvillo took, but still receiving a 50/50 result from the same machine is unheard of.

Doctors believe Brandon Calvillo will recover completely and will not require any medical treatment. Although more contagious, the Omicron variant is far less dangerous than any previous variant and is even being compared to the common cold.

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