Australian Labor party PM raided and believed to be paid Chinese agent


NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane has been raided by Australia’s ASIO counterintelligence agency as he’s suspected of taking money from the CCP.

Shaoquett Moselmane is believed to be an agent of the Chinese Communist Party in Australia and is currently being investigated by Australia’s ASIO counterintelligence agency.

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The investigation of Chinese interference in Australian politics is reported to be one of ASIO’s most significant investigations in ever.

Shaoquette Moselmane is known to be pro-communist politicians and now his days of freedom are numbered.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that multiple sources aware of the foreign interference investigation said it was scrutinising the office of NSW Labor MP Shaoquett Moselmane as part of one of the most significant inquiries in recent ASIO history.

The Australian federal police raided several properties, including 3 vehicles, owned by the pro-communist PM, Mr. Moselmane, on the morning of Friday, June 26. ASIO searched for evidence to support allegations of a Chinese government conspiracy to invade Australia through the means of politics.

VIDEO: Australian Labor party PM raided in China (CCP) ties probe

According to legal sources, if sufficient evidence is found, the inquiry could make world history as it would result in a prosecution for foreign interference offences arising from an alleged covert Chinese Communist Party plot to influence a serving politician.

Plain-clothed federal agents raided Mr. Moselmane’s two-storey home in Rockdale, Sydney, at 6.30am and started extensively searching for evidence.

The counterintelligence agents who searched the PM’s house were photographed carrying several bags and folders.

Moselmane raided by ASIO for taking money from Chinese Communist Party (CCP)

Australian pro-communist Labor party PM Shaoquett Moselmane raided by Australian federal agents (ASIO) for links to China (CCP).

Furthermore, Christian Porter, the Australian Attorney-General, authorised the ASIO to gather to collect evidence of any person suspected of seeking to influence the pro-communist PM or his staff on behalf of the Chinese government. Such measures are only used if there is reasonably grounds to believe that the suspect is guilty.

Moselmane was been suspended from the Australian Labor Party shortly after his properties were raided by federal agents and leader Jodi McKay called the party’s general secretary Bob Nanva and urged him to act.

If sufficient evidence is found to prove that the Chinese government is interfering in Australian politics, you can bet similar investigations will be launched around the world.

Do you think that there should be a international probe in to what appears to be a Chinese imperialist agenda? Let us know in the comments below.

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