LaRosa warns: dance fight a bouncer and get slapped unconscious


Kids… don’t do drugs, don’t grope a giant, and don’t try to fight dance a bouncer or something like this will happen to you too.

A man got kicked out of a nightclub for being too creepy and the security guard, which was roughly twice his size, wouldn’t let him back in… so what does the scrawny druggie do? Sexual harass the bouncer right before challenging him to a sexy dance off.

Did you know?

The unidentified man who was slapped unconscious by a bouncer in the video is a perfect example of who not to be and how not to act when visiting social venues, and should probably used as an example in a ‘why drugs are bad’ video.

The bouncer, bordering on what appears to be 7 feet tall, stands his ground and does not aggravate the creepy dancing guy. Even after having his left peck groped by the weirdo, the bouncer stands his ground. It isn’t until the guy grinds up against bouncer when he first reacts.

Fool fight dances and harasses bouncer and gets dropped

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is sexual harassment. The guy gropes the bouncers left peck and then grinds up against him without consent. If this was a guy doing it to a girl this would make international headlines.

Tara LaRossa MMA bantamweight champion

Tara LaRosa reponds to guy slapped unconscious for trying to fight dance a bouncer.

Even after being pushed away by the bouncer, the guy gets up and approaches him again, and that’s when he’s met with, as Ian Miles puts it, the slap heard around the world. A fool is slapped unconscious.

Women’s MMA Bantamweight Champion, Tara LaRosa, chimes in

The first and only BodogFight Women’s Bantamweight Champion, Tara LaRosa, aged 42, shared the video on her Twitter account with a very simple message: “Sometimes you just gotta smack a bitch.”

So, whats the lesson to take away from this video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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