Saturday, May 15, 2021

Trump 2020 all over Australia: Aussies believe election was rigged

Trump 2020 skywriting has been spotted in Sydney, New South Wales, and Brisbane, Queensland. Aussies are showing their support for the US president.

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The mainstream media is wrong, not every body thinks Donald J Trump is some kind of supervillain. As a matter of fact, he has a lot of supporters all around the world, including right here in Australia.

NEWS: Even the AOC and Pokimane Among Us game was rigged.

Trump 2020 skywriting was seen in the skies above Sydney, New South Wales, and Brisbane, Queensland, over the weekend.

Hundreds of people in the Brisbane CBD looked up and cheered as the jet wrote “Trump 2020” in skies above. We asked several people what their thoughts were on Donald J Trump and the 2020 elections.

Australians stand with Trump.

“Do you believe that Joe Biden got many more millions of votes than Obama who, until now, had the record amount of votes in US history?” We asked.

“He did? Wow. No. That’s very hard to believe,” Rebecca, 33, from North Brisbane replied.

“I watch ABC News Australia and it is clear that they favour Biden over Trump, but nobody knows anything about this Biden. From what I’ve heard he didn’t campaign much or talk about his policies,” she added.

“The election was definitely rigged,” James Murcott, a New Farm local, added.

Aussies stand with Donald J Trump through "rigged election"
Aussies stand with Donald J Trump through “rigged election” as Trump 2020 is seen in Australia.

“Trump’s base was only getting bigger even though the media kept him on blast for the better part of four years. And they expect us to believe that the US had a higher turnout to their elections then here in Australia? Bugger off. It’s mandatory to vote here, if you don’t you get fined.”

The mainstream media has badly misrepresented Trump over the past few years and despite their claims about the current president being disproven, they barely ever make retractions.

Top 5 lies about Trump.

There are too many to recount but here are just 5 big disproven lies the media has reported about Trump in the last four years.

  • Trump did not call white supremacists “fine people”.
    Trump completely condemned the white nationalists that rocked up at Charlottesville. He was referring to an entirely separate protests.
  • Trump did not call US veterans “suckers and losers.”
    This claim came from anonymous source alleging to be close to the president. There is no documented evidence of this claim and Trump has vehemently denied ever saying it.
  • Trump did not refuse to condemn white supremacists.
    Trump has condemned and disavowed white supremacists and the KKK, even calling them a domestic terrorist group, many times throughout his presidency and even before.
  • Trump did not collude with Russia.
    Trump never colluded with Russia. A 3 year investigation found no evidence of the Trump administration colluding with the Russians. These conspiracy was based on the very phony Steele Dossier.
  • Trump did not coerce Ukraine officials into doing his bidding.
    Yet another so-called whistleblower with no first hand knowledge of the call claimed that Trump coerced a Ukraine official into digging up dirt on his political opponent. Trump released the entire transcript which debunked this and Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial.
Trump 2020 skywriting Australia
Trump 2020 skywriting seen over Brisbane and Sydney, Australia.

There is still no evidence on who commissioned the skywriting in Brisbane and Sydney, but it is a clear sign that many Aussies do not buy into the mainstream narrative about Trump being ultimate Bond villain.

Trump has not conceded. Here’s why.

Donald J Trump has not yet conceded to the Presidential race because he firmly believes that the election was rigged for the Democrats.

Despite the mainstream media declaring Joe Biden President-Elect, he has not yet won the race. He may be projected to win considering the current numbers, but several battleground states are still to post their official numbers.

Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania are also highly contested as some of these states are about to be recounted and audited.

The Supreme Court has also confirmed that a case of fraud by Trump’s legal team will be heard. Biden will not be President-Elect until Trump concedes and it is very likely that he won’t as many analysists are still seeing many paths forward for Trump to be re-elected this year.

Congress says Joe Biden is NOT President-Elect.

On November 13th Congress issues a statement saying that Joe Biden is not President-Elect and should not be referred yet be referred to in that style.

The statement, penned by Jody Hice, a Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Government Operations, claimed that according to Presidential Act of 1963, Biden was rejected funds to set up his office because he has not yet won the race due to several big states still being highly contested and pending federal investigation on the suspicion of a rigged election.

Despite still being in the race, Donald Trump has been declared a Persona Non Grata by the mainstream media and big tech. Networks like CNN and Fox News have said that they will not be airing any more of the presidents speeches.

Twitter have announced that come January Donald J Trump will be permanently banned from their platform and Facebook have already removed the “presidential” status from his profile.

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