Ukrainian mother found naked with daughter’s severed head in bag


A disoriented, bloodied and naked woman was discovered walking with her daughter’s severed head. Ukrainian woman described as ‘loving mother’.

Police are currently investigating a 38-year-old Ukrinian mother who is described as being a “loving mother who adored her only child.” Tatiana Pyanova, the mother in question, is a cleaner from Kharkiv city, Ukraine.

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Pyanova was discovered Kharkiv city carrying a knife in one hand and a plastic bag containing the severed head of her teenage daughter in the other. She was later arrested.

A graphic video shows Pyanova bloodied and naked on the road while local law officials and police cars surrounded her. Reports allege that the disoriented mother threatened police with the knife when she was approached.

“Loving mother” arrested with daughter’s severed head in bag. (Left mother, right daughter)

The decapitated body her the 13-year old daughter, Kristina Pyanova, was later found with 20 stab wounds in her home that she shared with her uncle.

Another video shows the mother disoriented and confusing her identity in court when she was remanded in custody. “I do not want to communicate, leave me alone,” Tatiana Pyanova told journalists.

SHOCKING VIDEO: Ukrainian mother found naked with severed head of decapitated daughter.

Tatiana’s brother Anton, from Podvirki village, called the police upon discovering his niece’s decapitated body in a house they shared.

38-year-old Ukrainian naked mother, Tatiana Pyanova, arrested with severed heard of daughter in bag.

The uncle explained that, while the family was poor, “poor” Kristina was not at all socially deprived.

Their neighbours asserted that the family seemed “happy” and Tatiana was a “loving mother”.

Police arrest naked Ukrainian mother who was found with head of decapitated daughter in bag (highlighted).

Authorities were baffled when they discovered that their had been no reports of strange sounds or domestic disturbances when Kristina was believed to have been killed.

Tatiana Pyanova is currently detained pending an investigation into her her own daughter’s (Kristina Pyanova) murder.

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