VIDEO: United Flight 328 passengers watch in fear as engine catches fire


A shocking video showing a United Flight 328 engine catch fire mid-flight ha gone viral on social media. Thankfully everyone is OK.

Engine on fire. Pieces falling off the plane. Losing altitude. Sounds like the scene from Final Destination right? Well, sadly this flight didn’t get to its final destination.

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More than 200 passengers feared for their lives while their Honolulu-bound United Airlines Flight 328 caught fire on Saturday afternoon.

Shortly after takeoff the plane had to make a prompt emergency landing at Denver International Airport shortly following an engine failure. Burning debris fell from the plane for many kilometres including a park where children play, authorities said. Police in Broomfield, Colo. — about a half-hour north of Denver — sent out a “code red” urging about 1,400 people to check their yards for fallen wreckage.

Several people who managed to capture the ordeal on their phones posted it online. Passengers sitting closest to the burning engine filmed in horror as chunks of the engine fell and the plane started losing altitude.

Others witnessed the plane descending from the ground and spotted burning debris fall from the plane.

United Flight 328 debris after engine catches fire
Video shows United Airlines Flight 328 engine on fire and debris scattering over miles.

Officials said that it was miraculous that nobody was injured from the fallen debris and that Flight 328 made it back safely to the airport.

United Airlines confirmed that the flight “experienced an engine failure shortly after departure” but did not elaborate on the potential cause of the breakdown. The Federal Aviation Administration tweeted Saturday that the National Transportation Safety Board will lead an investigation.

On Sunday United Airlines confirmed that it will temporarily ground 24 Boeing 777 aircraft “out of an abundance of caution,” according to a statement.

Surprisingly, unlike Flight 328, United Airlines Holdings Inc stock has taken off since the incident possibly thanks to the pilot’s outstanding performance.

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