100 dead at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival witness says


Concertgoers are claiming they witnessed 100s of lifeless bodies in the VIP section of Travis Scott Astroworld Festival 2021.

A Travis Scott Astroworld Festival concert tragedy could have been averted if the auto-tuned artist would have stopped his show at the demand of his dying audience. Despite reports that only 11 have died, witnesses fear the aftermath is much worse.


As of now 11 people have been confirmed dead and many more injured after the Travis Scott’s Astroworld concert tragedy. However, concert goers claim that they witnessed over 100 of black and blue lifeless bodies in VIP section of Astroworld Festival at NRG Park at Houston.

“This isn’t a tragedy, it’s a massacre,” one concertgoer exclaimed. “He had many opportunities to stop the show and turn on the lights and encourage people to back off, but he didn’t. He also encouraged people to storm the gate.”

“This is what I’ve seen with my own two eyes,” another witness explains. “This is the VIP section and it’s about 100 yards long. I am way in the back at the end of VIP section and — I kid you not — just right there along the gate I was sitting there was like 10 people laid out and not moving. They tried to do CPR on a couple of them but they couldn’t do anything. Mo more people were rushing over asking for help […] When I moved over to the next part I saw more people and they were black and blue. That VIP was full of bodies; like 100 bodies. I know what I’ve seen.”

Families and friends mourn Astroworld 2021 victims.
Families and friends mourn Astroworld 2021 victims.

The witnesses comments have been corroborated by other concertgoers who claim that the death toll is also up in the 100s.

Houston mayor Sylvester Turner revealed that age people ranging from ages 14-27 have been reported dead after the show and said that there is a “very, very, active investigation” ongoing. New reports indicate that the youngest victim is a 10-year-old girl.

Despite the many efforts of fans to get Travis Scott to stop his performance he persisted to sing and watch as security and medics removed dead bodies from the VIP section of the festival.

Travis Scott had previously encouraged his fans to storm the gates and sneak in to the festival which is what resulted in the tragedy and the death of, at least, 11 concertgoers who paid for VIP tickets.

ICU nurse claims festival was understaffed.

One concertgoer was an ICU nurse who tried her best to help” “I just left Astroworld Festival, and let me say this, as someone who has been to every Astroworld Festival, this was completely different. It was awful. I passed out because people were pushing up against me so much that I couldn’t breath. [A friend] got people to crowd surf my unconscious body to the security guard and I got carried behind the GA. When I woke up I had a water bottle on my lap and had no clue what happened.”

“When I stood up I looked around and many people were getting carried out with their eyes rolled back into their heads by security, bleeding from their noses and mouths. I yelled, ‘has anyone checked a pulse?’ The security guard frantically asked me if I could help him. I checked two people and one did not have a pulse. I told them I was an ICU nurse and then another security guard, hearing that, said ‘please come help us!'”

Travis Scott and Drake Festival entrance

He takes me to the part of the crowd behind the GA where I see three bodies sprawled out and who I assume were medical staff doing CPR. I immediately see that there are not enough medics for this so I immediately relieve one medic of CPR. I ask where the Ambu bag, the AED is, and where the stretcher and ambulance is. They said, essentially, there is none.”

According to the ICU nurse there were so many people who had already turned blue that untrained teenagers tried to help by administrating CPR, but sadly incorrectly.

Many members of security and medical staff were so overwhelmed by the amount of people who were unconscious and potentially dead that they fled the event creating extra stress and work for the few staff members that remained behind.

Lega professionals believe that the festival organisers will be held accountable and charged for public endangerment. Both Travis Scott and Drake are being sued for injuries sustained by people who paid to attend Astroworld Festival 2021.

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