Abandoned is Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid returns to Kojima


Insider claims that Sony have struck a deal with Konami to bring Silent Hill and Metal Ger Solid back to the PlayStation with Hideo Kojima behind the wheel.

Anonymous insider has confirmed that Sony’s upcoming game codenamed “Abandoned” is, in fact, Silent Hill and that fans can also expect a Metal Gear Solid announcement later this year.

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It’s been a tough week for PlayStation fans. There wasn’t much to get excited about after this year’s E3 showcase. Sony fans were struck with the devastating news that all future Bethesda games, except for Deathloop, would be Xbox and Windows PC exclusives. But apparently PlayStation had one of the biggest announcements this year that went over a lot of fans heads.

“It went over a lot of people’s heads,” the insider said about a huge Summer Games Fest event announcement. “Death Stranding Directors Cut was not what people thought it is. It’s not an actual game announcement. It was Sony and Kojima Production teasing a massive deal that they’ve struck with a major Japanese publisher.”

Abandoned is Silent Hill insider confirms
Insider confirms “Abandoned” is Silent Hill remake with Hideo Kojima.

“Kojima Production were sneakily revealing the deal that they were going to making another Metal Gear Solid game. They weren’t teasing a director’s cut, they were teasing Metal Gear Solid, and what is a better way to make this announcement then have Norman Reedus, play Sam Bridges, play Snake.”

The insider claims that Konami have outsourced Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid and “another game” to a PlsyStation Studios, and they are working with Konami Productions to bring those games exclusively to the PlayStation 5 in 2022.

“I can happily disclose this information because I, personally, am not under any kind of NDA [non-disclosure agreement]. I have second hand information but it is from a person that is directly connected to Sony. You can bet that you’ll probably be hearing from their Australian division if you publish this email,” the source added.

“Regardless, the ‘conspiracy theories’ are spot on. Sony is trying to tease a Silent Hill game as well. The footage we saw is actually of the Silent Hills game that was revealed in 2014 and later “Abandoned” in 2015. Sony are using one of their disbanded in-house studios, BLUE BOX Gaming Studios, to promote the game via an Augmented Reality Game.”

“BLUE BOX Game Studios was previously working on a cancelled PlayStation VR exclusive game called ‘Rewind: Voices Of The Past’. Sony acquired the small development team and their site went offline shortly after. They went on to develop Until Dawn for the PlayStation 4, which is basically Rewind: Voices Of The Past.”

Rewind: Voices of The Past screenshot
Screenshot of cancelled PlayStation game Rewind: Voices of The Past.

Rewind: Voices of The Past was supposed to be third person cinematic narrative driven horror game with photo realistic graphics and high quality 5.1 cinematic audio.

“Sony still own the domain for BLUE BOX game studios and decided to revive it for the Silent Hill ARG marketing stunt to give the ‘fake studio’ a bit of validity. Hasan Kahraman is not a real person. The studio used to exist but doesn’t any more. It’s a front for Sony Studios.”

“I don’t know the terms of the deal but I’m pretty sure Sony figured out a work around by brining in Kojima Productions as a third party to ‘help’ development, but I do know that Hideo Kojima has full creative control of both Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid,” the insider concluded.

The source wants to remain anonymous and did not verify their connection to Sony, so it is important to take this with a grain of salt. According to the developers, more information on “Abandoned” will be revealed on June 22.

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