ALDI cashier called racist for asking to search black woman’s bag


Lachlan, an ALDI cashier at an Ipswich store, was assaulted and called racist by following policy and asking to search a black woman’s bag.

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia — An otherwise beautiful and peaceful morning was abruptly ended when a 30-something Sudanese black female attacked and called an ALDI cashier racist after he asked to search her other shopping bag.

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It is policy for ALDI staff to briefly search inside other bags brought into the store. This is very common as ALDI usually in the same arcade or mall as Coles and Woolworths. However, a ALDI cashier in his mid-twenties was assaulted and called a racist when he kindly asked to search Sudanese woman’s bag.

Lachlan had just searched the bag of a white customer when it was his time to serve a middle aged Sudanese woman who had two full bags of groceries from other stores. However, she was only had purchased a few novelty items from ALDI amounting up to no more than a few dollars in price.

ALDI Australia cahsier

These items were nothing exclusive to ALDI and, despite their low prices, cost the same in most stores which kind of made her trip to the store seem pointless. Regardless, the woman had two full bags of groceries in her shopping cart and per ALDI policy the cashier had to request to see inside her other bags.

Even ALDI’s official website lists their policy on bag checks, it states, “It is a condition of entry that all bags, parcels, prams and containers are presented for inspection,” but the Sudanese woman would have none of it.

When Lachlan asked the lady to reveal the contents of her other two grocery bags she immediately jerks her shopping trolley away and shouted at the cashier, “you do this because I’m black. Because you think all black people steal!”

Lachlan tried to calmly explain that this is just store policy and all patrons are required to present their bags for inspection, but before he could finish he was interrupted with the lady flinging her handbag at him and calling him a white supremacist.

The lady was seemingly hysterical but had the wherewithal to bring up George Floyd and Black Lives Matter in an argument to avoid the bag check policy, albeit completely forgetting the actual name of George Floyd.

ALDI store

After about 3 minutes of yelling the cashier line had started to back up and the store manager came out to personally apologise to the woman. She was let out without the mandatory back check. Despite being let out she continued to scream about white supremacy even at passing customers who had their bags searched on the way out.

Business continued as usual at the Ipswich ALDI and, although a little shaken up, Lachlan proceeded to search bags of following customers.

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