Alec Baldwin shoots two, kills one on set of Rust


Hollywood veteran actor Alec Baldwin shoots two, kills one and fatally wounded another in accidental prop-misfire on set to upcoming movie Rust.

The Santa Fe Sherriff’s department has issued a statement confirming that Alec Baldwin was involved in in ‘accidental’ on-set shooting that involved in one person dying. No charges have been made against the actor but an investigation is on going.


Alec Baldwin shot two people with a real gun that the actor alleges he believed to be prop that was being used to shoot his upcoming feature film Rust. The Santa Fe Sherriff’s department confirmed that one person died while the other was wounded.

One of the victims in this horrible incident is a respected cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, who was quickly making waves in Hollywood for her incredible cinematic vision. The Santa Fe Sherriff’s department confirmed that Halyna Hutchins, 42, was pronounced dead at the University of New Mexico Hospital where she was flown in by a emergency helicopter.

Emotionally distraught Alec Baldwin after shooting and killing cinematographer
Alec Baldwin shoots two, kills one on set for Rust.

Rust director Joel Souza was also shot. He was transported via ambulance to Christus St Vincent Regional Medical Center where he is currently undergoing treatment and surgery for his injury.

Neither Alec nor his team have issued a statement about the shooting and the tragic death of the up and coming cinematographer, Halyna Hutchins, but fans believe that the actor should be held accountable.

“Negligence!! Blanks or not, you don’t point a firearm at another person. That’s unsafe negligence,” David Matthew posted on Twitter.

Halyna Hutchings dead
Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins shot dead by Alec Baldwin.

This terrible news comes at a time that the Baldwin family is under heavy scrutiny for their hypocrisy. Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are reportedly under investigation for charity fraud in East Hampton.

Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, caught lying about using steel straws after preaching about the climate crisis.

Hilaria Baldwin exposed littering with plastic cups and straws after preaching to the public about the climate crisis. Another hypocritical point made by Hollywood’s most hated couple.

Nobody likes using paper straws, not even the most enthusiastic environmentally conscious people want to use them; they get soggy and make everything taste like paper. That’s why many people prefer to use their own re-usable steel straws and takeaway cups.

Hilaria Baldwin
Hypocritical Hollywood couple investigated for charity fraud, now murder.

Alec Baldwin’s 37-year-old wife is one of those celebrity wives that love to preach about the climate and other social issues. She has even shamed people for using plastic straws before. But Hilaria has been snapped on numerous occasion using single use plastic cups and straws.

Alec Baldwin has not been charged with murder although the Santa Fe Sherriff’s department has announced that the incident is under investigation.

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