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Aloy made less feminine in Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy made less feminine in Horizon Forbidden West

Sony continue trend to make female protagonists less feminine to appease transgender audience, Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West latest hero to made gender ambiguous.

Guerrilla Games’ highly anticipated PlayStation 5 sequel Horizon Forbidden West is getting the trans-treatment. Female protagonist, Aloy, is made less feminine to be less offensive to trans community. Sadly, now Aloy looks more like Nikocado Avocado than she does like the actual actress.

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Sony are yet again showing that they are strong allies of the LGBTQ community. However, they seem to be favouring the transgender community over the movement as a whole. In The Last of Us Part II a gay/lesbian protagonist known as Ellie took a backseat to a gender ambiguous character Abby and their Chinese transgender sidekick Lev.

Sony’s is so committed to not offending the trans community that they included a graphic anal intercourse scene in The Last of Us Part II between the game’s new hero Abby and another male character.

Hannah Hoekstra, Aloy model/actress, compared to original Horizon game

A Sony insider told us that the decision to include a anal intercourse scene in The Last of Us Part II was so that it would be inclusive and less offensive to transgender women.

“Although some transgender women do have vaginoplasty it is very rare, expensive. It can also lead to many complications and that’s why many transgender women opt to have top surgery only,” the insider revealed.

The same can be said for transgender men as well. Even Elliot Page drew the line at top surgery and has no plans of going any further.

Aloy, ugly, Horizon Forbidden West

The insider continued: “Anal is something that everyone can engage in, no matter what their gender, so it was the least problematic choice for a love making scene.”

The scene caused controversy among both camps, even people from the LGBTQ community criticised the scene for being unnecessary in the video game. One fan adding, “I respect that they are trying to be give us some representation, but this wasn’t needed. It was awkward. I didn’t need to see that happen to Abby.”

Not only did Sony want the game to be more diverse, they also deliberately toned down the femininity of their exist female characters, and it looks like this is a trend that they will for future releases such as Horizon Forbidden West.

Aloy, the protagonist in the 2017 hit open-world video game Horizon Zero Dawn, has been made softer, chubbier and a little more masculine for the sequel. The beloved protagonist is now more gender ambiguous after some of the character’s female defining features have been completely removed.

Some are accusing the “Twitter mob” — a la Anita Sarkeesiana and Feminist Frequency — into forcing Sony’s, an subsequently Guerrilla Games’, hands into making Aloy less feminine because they believed the character to be over sexualised. However, last year an insider at Naughty Dog claimed due to pressure from the transgender community.

In an article we published in April, 2020, a source told us, “If you see a game where the women are a little less curvy, it’s not to because the game designers are worried about receiving backlash for objectifying women, it’s because they are worried about offending the trans community.”

“From a design stand point, this is a really challenging problem. I’ve had many board meetings about how to tackle this. Trans people want ‘realistic’ representation in our games, but they feel excluded if they are represented as too masculine or too feminine. That’s why you will see a lot of designers ‘nerfing the female form’ so to speak so that the difference between trans women and cis women is a little less noticeable,” they concluded.

Some people are seeing the humour in Sony’s decision to make Aloy more gender ambiguous. YouTuber and comedian ItsAGundam compared the more realistic PlayStation 5 version of Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West to the infamous mukbang YouTuber Nikocado Avocado.

Aloy does, in fact, look more like Nikocado Avocado than he does like the Hannah Hoekstra. original model and actress for the character, in Guerrilla Games’ upcoming exclusive sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West is slated to release later this year (2021) on both PlayStation 4 and 4 consoles. An exact release date is coming “very soon,” Guerrilla Games teased in a tweet. It’s possible we might get that at Sony’s E3 2021 event.