Amazon Prime Video demands more all-female reboots


Prime Video revealed that they want to subvert expectations and turn more classic films into feminist art by making more all-female reboots.

Amazon feels like their Prime Video catalogue of content is not diverse enough, specifically when it comes pro-feminist films and shows — they are asking fans to give them ideas for all-female reboots.

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Female-centric films and reboots, in general, have not performed well at the box office, as reports have demonstrated time and time again, and it’s no surprise.

When the characters are nothing more than gender-swapped duplicates of the originals and the plots are nothing more than political propaganda, the outcome is generally a tedious and unentertaining jumble that people don’t want to sit through and watch, especially at the cinemas.

A fantastic illustration of why recreating a famous classic with an all-female cast merely for the sake of diversity is a bad idea was Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (2016), which was directed by Paul Feig (Bride’s Maids) and starred top-billed actress Melissa McCarthy.

Anne Hathaway as the 40 Year Old Virgin?
Anne Hathaway as the 40 Year Old Virgin?

After a disastrous opening weekend and a dreadful run at the cinemas the film barely broke even on its USD$190 million budget. The picture suffered even more when it came to critical reception.

Even the Suicide Squad’s female-only spin-off tanked in theatres, despite boasting perhaps the finest character in the current DC cinematic world, portrayed by one of the hottest Australian actresses of all time. Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn in her all-female superhero film Birds of Prey proved insufficient to carry the film, which eventually failed to earn more than USD$200 million at the box office.

However, the issue was never that they are female-driven films. The issue is evident that neither the characters nor the plot are engaging when the film’s primary aim is to market a political idea.

Men don’t want to waste their hard-earned money on a two-hour lecture on why society despises them. For that, men have spouses, and students have gender studies… and Amazon doesn’t seem to understand that.

Melissa McCarthy as King Arthur?
Melissa McCarthy as King Arthur?

Amazon are pushing Hollywood to ruin more classic films and are demanding more all-female reboots.

They don’t care if it fails, they just want to “hurt their fragile male egos.” This isn’t a business venture, this is a divisive political move.

If Amazon truly desired to highlight outstanding female stories and characters, they would commission unique material. Perhaps acquire the rights to excellent feminist literature for television adaptation. However, this requires work, and judging by the quality of films made by Hollywood, we may deduce that they are uninterested in really making decent movies.

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