Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to be summoned for Australia perjury trial


The Australian government has had enough and is about to give Amber Heard her final warning and a career-ending ultimatum for perjury.

The Australian government has been investigating Amber Heard since she committed perjury for smuggling animals across our border in 2015. Now they seek to bring both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard back to Australia for one last trial… or else!


Amber Heard has not only ruined her career by making veritably false and outlandish allegations against Johnny Depp, but she has jeopardised Depp’s career by committing perjury in Australia.

The Australian Department of Agriculture has always been very strict on imports of foreign animals, even domesticated ones like Heard’s two teacup Yorkshire dogs.

In 2015 Amber Heard smuggled her two dogs into Australia to avoid the fees and mandatory 10 day quarantine. She later lied, under-oath, to the Australian court and blamed her secretary for failing to file the paper work. The fired Aquaman actress was let off with a mere warning.

However, shortly after the trial images from Amber Heard’s private Instagram story leaked where she was exposed mocking the Australian judge and bragging about getting away with smuggling her dogs in to the country.

Amber Heard mocks Australia
Amber mocks Australian Courts on Instagram.

Then, during Depp’s libel battle against The Sun, Amber Heard’s personal assistant, Australia’s own Kate James, stated under oath that she not only insisted on Amber Heard declaring her dogs, but that she had all the paperwork ready to go. Amber Heard just did not submit it because she did not want her dogs quarantined for 10 days.

After all this Amber Heard still thought it would be funny to poke the proverbial beehive by mocking renowned Australian politician the Honorable Barnaby Joyce after he remarked on her antics and dog smuggling fiasco. This lead to the Australian government putting their foot down and they are now reportedly about to alter both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard an ultimatum.

According to our sources, Amber and Johnny will be summoned for a hearing in Australia’s Federal Court about the 2015 dog smuggling incident. If they don’t they could face a lifetime ban from Australia, which would be a devastating blow to any actor’s career.

Amber Turd trends on Twitter after she's found guilty of pooping in bed
Amber Turd trends after actress blames dogs on human poo.

Australia is a very popular filming location for blockbuster films. Major studios are increasingly choosing to shoot in the eastern states rather than the traditional Hollywood locations, thanks to hefty government funding and cutting-edge facilities.

While Johnny Depp must also face trial, it is highly unlikely that it will impact his relationship with Australia, nor will he get the same legal punishment as Amber Heard.

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During Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard in Virginia, sufficient evidence was presented to prove that both dogs were Amber Heard’s responsibility and that she smuggled them into Australia on her own volition in 2015.

During the video in which she offered her apologies, Amber gave the impression that she was not being honest and was not taking the situation seriously. This gave the impression that she was disrespecting the government and people of Australia.

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