Amber Heard CHANGES testimony after watching YouTube coverage


BUSTED: Amber Heard has been watching YouTube to see what the public opinion on her, gives audience death stare and changes testimony!

Amber Heard curiously changes her testimony before cross-examination and sought to address the many inconsistencies and discrepancies raised by Law Tube over the week-long break. She also gave her detractors the death stare, demonstrating that she has been monitoring the trial coverage and polling public opinion, something she is not permitted to do!


Law Tube (stylized LawTube) a community of professional lawyers who have a podcast on YouTube. Several members of this community have been extensively covering the Depp v Heard defamation trial and have even been members of the audience.

While Law Tube have been neutral on the case, recently some of the members have had a change in heart after listening to Heard’s testimony. They’ve many down many of Heard’s statements and have proven them to be false. Up until Monday 16th, May 2022, Heard never recognised this community of lawyers in the audience — but now she’s giving them death stares!

Rob Moreton (Law & Lumber) goes viral after exposing Amber Heard fake evidence!
Rob Moreton (Law & Lumber) goes viral after exposing Amber Heard fake evidence!

Rob Moreton, a local lawyer from Northern Virginia, uploaded a video proving that Amber Heard faked evidence of the “broken bed” and that video went viral within hours reaching almost 1 million views. Rob had been in the audience several times during the trial as it is taking place just down the road from where he lives. Amber Heard must have seen the video as she gave him the death stare ahead of her cross-examination yesterday!

Amber Heard has clearly been reviewing footage and coverage of her trial and is now attempting to justify the several glaring falsehoods she said under oath.

Heard alleges her sister taught Johnny how to do coke with a tampon applicator.
Heard alleges her sister taught Johnny how to do coke with a tampon applicator.

After the business that manufactured the cosmetics kit that Heard claims she always carried with her and used to disguise her bruises and injuries was not released until after the divorce, she abruptly claims that the concealer she used “was not this exact one.”

When it was revealed that the coke photo shot at Johnny Depp‘s breakfast table appeared staged because her driver’s licence was on the table and the snorting device was a tampon applicator, Amber Heard made up a tale about her sister teaching Depp how to do coke with that instrument. Absurd!

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These were just some of the things that Heard changed on her final day of giving her testimony and there’s no way that she would have known about this if she wasn’t watching coverage of the trial. She is lying and cheating yet again.

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