Amber Heard deleted Twitter after being caught POOPING in public


Amber Heard recently deleted her Twitter account after being exposed in public pooping in the streets of Mallorca, Spain.

After getting backlash for leaving the country to avoid paying Johnny Depp and avoid more lawsuits, his abusive ex-wife either turned off or deleted her Twitter account. According to CCTV footage, Amber Heard was caught pooping in public.

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Heard’s attempts to turn the story against Johnny Depp after a jury ruled her liable for $10 million in defamation damages were unsuccessful. Her appeal was denied, and now her legal team and insurance company reportedly intend to sue her.

It appears that the unsuccessful c-list actress has burned all of her bridges, as she has reportedly been blacklisted by the majority of Hollywood’s major studios and most recognised producers. Even actors and crew members have declined to work with her.

According to PageSix, the Aquaman 2 actress moved to Spain with her infant daughter, and many of her fans assume that this is because the actress’s career is over and she has amassed substantial debt.

Amber Heard was photographed in Palma de Mallorca last month while spending time with her new girlfriend, Bianca Butti.

Fleeing the USA.

In multiple photos, Heard can be seen playing with her daughter, Oonah Paige, on a swing set, walking with her and a group of friends and enjoying the European city.

“Amber tipped off a major European news publishers to stage a photo op. It was supposed to look authentic but I think fans saw right through her bad act,” a source told us.

Ms. Heard was approached by a paparazzi who began asking her questions after spotting her in public. Even though she was out with her 1-year-old daughter, she greeted the journalists and was willing to answer any questions.

AH at park with daughter.
Amber Heard at park with her daughter.

This is out of character for her, since she typically screams at and berates the photographers. Given the recent criticism she has received, you might expect her to want to shield her daughter from the spotlight.

Although Amber Heard has moved to Spain in an attempt to begin a new life, she has not yet managed to rid herself of her old habits.

Amber Turd in Spain.

The residents of the little town of Costitx on the island of Mallorca, Spain, are furious with the American actress, who was born in Texas, because of her drunkenness, and they want her to leave.

Amber Heard was captured on CCTV pulling her trousers down, squatting, and pooping on the ground in public while drunkenly staggering home after a long night of binge drinking red wine in Mallorca, Spain.

Amber Turd: squatting in public.

“Amber came stumbling home drunk last night, yelling and screaming. The neighbours hate having her around, she’s constantly drinking and partying. It’s completely ruining the vibe of our town. And it’s crazy to me cause she possible has a kid with her,” a local said.

They continue: “Anyway, this morning I found a human-sized poop on the sidewalk near her place, and, sure enough, our CCTV caught her squatting and dropping a deuce. We want her gone.”

Amber Turd seen on the ground the next morning.

Many individuals have uncovered Amber Heard’s alcoholism and drunken, violent outbursts. An eyewitness recalled that she was belligerent and vulgar when intoxicated.

Deleted Twitter because of Musk?

Amber Heard may have deleted her Twitter account because of her shame over getting caught public urinating in Spain, but it’s more probable that she did so because her ex-boyfriend and former sugar daddy, Elon Musk, now owns the site.

Rumour has it that Elon Musk and Amber Heard had a major falling out. Sealed documents reveal that Amber Heard may have coerced the tech billionaire into becoming her surrogate baby daddy. Musk and Heard were locked in a legal battle over frozen embryos.

Amber Heard's secret party life
Satanic sex parties.

Jennifer Howell, a friend of Heard’s sister Whitney Henriquez and mother Paige, states in the sealed documents that the latter informed her that billionaire Elon Musk was suing the actress.

In the statement, Howell said: “Paige told me…. she was in a legal battle with him over the rights to embryos they had created together. He wanted to destroy them, and Amber tried to keep them to have a baby.”

Amber Heard was similarly under the impression that Elon Musk had installed listening devices in the Tesla vehicles that he had given to her as a gift.

Internet sleuths have a notion that Amber Heard, who was caught visiting Satanic sex parties in the Hollywood hills, had information on Elon Musk and wanted to use it to blackmail him. This theory is based on the fact that Heard was caught attending these parties.

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