Amber Heard fired PR team to get out of testifying


Amber Heard may have discovered herself a tricky loophole to get out of testifying under oath. Johnny Depp is suing the 36-year-old Aquaman actress for defamation after she published an article in the Washington Post about how he allegedly abused her.


Amber Heard looks to be engaging in filthy courtroom antics, attempting to either force a mistrial or have herself removed from the proceedings. Why? Because the entire trial is predicated on Heard’s allegations, which have already been picked apart by fans and legal experts.

Amber Heard and her legal counsel fought tooth and nail to have the trial dismissed, and when that failed, they fought sought to prevent the trial from being broadcast on the internet. As a last ditch effort, they are now attempting to prevent Amber Heard from taking the stand and testifying under oath, or so legal experts claim.

Amber Heard in court.
Amber Heard wants a mistrial.

Sources close to Amber Heard claim she sacked her public relations team due to “bad headlines.” According to an unnamed insider, Heard was dissatisfied with the way her story was being portrayed in the media and thus fired everyone in her Public Relationship team.

This, however, may be an attempt to disqualify Amber Heard from testifying at the defamation trial or perhaps to have her removed from the courtroom for violating court rules prohibiting participants in the trial from watching any coverage of the ongoing defamation trial.

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Heard’s team has already been arraigned for jury tampering. Flyers were spotted in the windshields of automobiles parked in the juror parking lot over the last few weeks. The flyers contained inaccurate information concerning Depp’s libel trial in the United Kingdom and were clearly placed there to convince the jury to despise Johnny Depp.

The woman who placed the the flyers on the cars was Amber Heard’s close friend and self proclaimed “superfan” Christina Taft.

Christina Taft was present at the trial and recorded footage of herself handing out the flyers inside the courthouse.

Christina Taft
Heard’s superfan spotted handing out fliers to jury members.

Recently, one of Johnny Depp’s witnesses, Georgina Deuters, was disqualified from the continuing defamation case after confessing to seeing trial clips online.

This might have inspired Amber Heard’s legal counsel to leak news about her firing her PR team because it would prove that Amber Heard has been following coverage of the trial outside the courtroom which would mean that she would not be illegible to testify under oath.

“There’s no way this just accidentally leaked. This is clearly planned, and only days before Amber Heard is supposed to testify. If this gets back to the judge, she won’t be able to,” one person said.

Amber Heard’s own statements are the most convincing evidence that she lied about the violence. Numerous witnesses have testified during this trial, refuting numerous of her accusations. Heard’s testimony would be dissected and demolished by Depp’s legal team, effectively destroying the Defendants’ case and resulting in a conviction.

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