Amber Heard is lying in testimony, according to former FBI agent


Amber Heard is clearly acting it up for the camera in her testimony in Johnny Depp’s defamation trial — she is telling a story, not the truth.

Amber Heard is currently auditioning for the part of a lifetime: that of a victim. The jury functions as the casting director, while the stand functions as the stage. Is Heard’s performance convincing enough to convince the world that Johnny Depp abused her despite the lack of any evidence? Amber Heard appears to have been passed over for the call-back!


Amber Heard is lying and fake crying? Today she took the stand today in Johnny Depp‘s defamation trial to testify against him. Many feel this is the most bizarre testimony they have ever heard in a civil trial. Why? Because they appear to be watching an actress perform rather than informing the public about what happened to her.

To begin, where are the tears? Amber Heard looks to be crying during her testimony, but there are no tears, her nose is not running, and her speech isn’t affected the Pseudobulbar Affect. Her emotions are not interfering with her ability to communicate “her story.”

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Amber Heard also cannot recall some of the most important moments in the abuse that she alleged she suffered through, crucial things that would definitely prove or disprove her accusations, but she keeps giving useless details about her surroundings at the time that the alleged abuse took place: like the look and smell of carpet, texture and colour of the wall, condensation on the windshield.

Criminal profilers and forensic psychologists will tell you that an individual would embellish their tale with irrelevant details in order to make it more credible.

She is acting!

Heard’s testimony, according to former FBI agent Peter Hyatt’s past work, reeks of deception. Is Amber Heard really lying?

Peter Hyatt is a Statement Analyst and instructor who teaches statement analysis and analytical interviewing to law enforcement and corporate America. He has authored the investigator training manual for DHHS, State of Maine, as well as the book Wise As a Serpent; Gentle as a Dove. He has been interviewed extensively on radio and television, including the nationally televised program, Crime Watch Daily and Taken Too Soon: The Katelyn Markham Story documentary.

Heard’s testimony, according to a statement analysis, is what could be considered to be narrative story telling with artificial placement of emotions.

“We call this a need to persuade […] that’s actually story telling, they are narrative building; they are bribing your emotions into account,” Peter Hyatt said.

Peter Hyatt recounted a story of when a person pointed a gun at his head during a robbery.

Amber Heard in court.
Amber Heard takes the stand and testifies and many think she is lying in testimony.

“After it was over I called the police, made a report, I was fine. A couple of hours later I was shook with emotion. If I were to tell you a truthful account of what happened, it’s not riveting, it would sound very boring,” he said.

“If I process all the emotions years later and tell it through story telling I would say this. ‘I stood in the darkness and when a man pointed a 9 milometer gun at my head, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up,’ and I would tell a story to engage you into the emotions — we call that artificial placement of emotions, story telling, narrative building,” Hyatt added.

Amber Heard crying without tears during testimony.
Amber Heard crying without tears during testimony.

Additionally, experts have noted that her recollection of such specific but ultimately irrelevant details while forgetting critical information that would assist in verifying her allegations are indicators of deceit.

Twitter hates Heard.

Not only are qualified specialists unconvinced by Heard’s testimony, but the majority of the public appears to believe her acting is atrocious and her story is a load of crock.

“Okay that was truly terrible acting. Watching her trying to scrunch out tears likea turd on Johnny’s bed,” tweeted Colonel Kurtz, a renowned independent reporter.

The hashtag #AmberHeardIsALiar, which is trending on Twitter, indicates that many people do not believe Heard is telling the truth.

All Amber Heard has to defend her slanderous Washington Post article is her words. No evidence. Despite all the extreme abuse she claims to have endured she never, ever mentioned it to anyone until after she wrote the op-ed. The only person she says she confided in was her own mother, which sadly passed away in 2020.

Due to Heard’s long-winded responses and overacting it is possible that Depp’s legal counsel will not be able cross-examine her until tomorrow. The cross-examination is sure to be entertaining given Amber Heard’s hesitance to answer simple questions from her own defence team.

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