Amber Heard is NARCISSIST: actress sinister SMIRK exposed!


Amber Heard is allegedly a sociopath and shows troubling signs of narcissism with her sinister “Duper’s Delight” smirk during trial.

Amber Heard exposed herself as a “textbook narcissist and sociopath,” during the six-week long defamation trial. The 35-year- old actress displayed many red flags during her testimony as well as while engaging with her counsel.


A simple search for the term “narcissist” will bring up a list of traits to look for to identify one.The list includes common facial expressions that a narcissist will emote when they are attempting to manipulate their victims.

One such expression is known as a “Duper’s Delight” or the “Narcissist’s Smirk.”

The narcissist’s smirk, or “duper’s delight,” is when the narcissist gets pleasure from manipulating someone, and for a moment, that pleasure is shown in the form of an involuntary flash of a smirk on the narcissist’s face.

Amber Heard's smirking as Johnny Depp describes his abuse.
Amber Heard’s smirking like a narcissist and sociopath as Johnny Depp describes his abuse.

The smirk is formed when a narcissist feels happiness and pleasure, which is the smile and contempt when one side of the lip moves upwards like a half-smile. Sometimes they have a glint in their eyes also.

It’s a microexpression, which is an involuntary flash of what they feel on the inside, showing for a moment on the outside. Through these microexpressions, people reveal what they are truly feeling. These are when toxic and not toxic people are feeling an emotion they’re trying not to go show. People can do it to deceive others but also to protect themselves.

Duper's delight aka the narcissist's smirk.
Duper’s delight aka the narcissist’s smirk.

The smirk often forms at one side of the mouth as people feel contempt. The meaning of contempt is a despising or lack of respect, full disobedience or disrespect, with an intense dislike. As a narcissist believes they are superior, they think if others are not serving them, that they are worthless or beneath them. As a narcissist lacks in empathy, they have complete disregard for how their actions might have affected those around them.

Almost ten years ago, Casey Marie Anthony was on trial for the murder of her own kid, and Heard’s testimony was very similar to hers. Despite the recent death of her daughter, Casey Anthony was unable to shed any tears during her testimony 14 years ago. Like Amber Heard, she was also captured smirking during the trial.

Casey Anthony acquitted
Acquitted: Casey Anthony smirking during child daughter’s murder trial.

Casey was charged with first-degree murder in October 2008, just months before the skeletal remains of her daughter were discovered in a trash bag. People continue to wonder, though, how Casey Anthony was acquitted in this case. Casey was found not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse, but guilty of four charges of presenting false information to law police.

Other professional behavioral analysts, including a former FBI agent, have concluded that Amber Heard was extremely deceitful in her testimony.

Johnny Depp’s legal team has proved that Ms. Heard, on multiple occasions, committed perjury by lying on the stand.

Amber Hears smirk
Amber Heard looks like a sociopath with that smirk.

Depp’s attorney, Ben Chew, was allowed to state during his closing statement that the disgraced Aquaman actress deliberately lied to the jury multiple times, therefore establishing the fact that she had committed perjury, again.

The judge even confirmed this when she overruled an objection made by Mr. Rottenborn, an attorney for Heard’s legal counsel.

Amber Heard is currently being investigated for perjury in Australia and in the United Kingdom, and her VISA has reportedly been suspended in the respective countries.

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