Amber Heard makeup is running in fake injury photos


Amber Heard drew from her experience with makeup on Zombieland to try to recreate a realistic looking injuries to accuse Depp of abuse, too bad it was running.

Andy, our correspondent from London, has conducted a thorough investigation into the photos taken by Amber Heard of her fake injuries done by makeup and has published his findings in a 12 page report, once again proving that she lied.

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Before she was fortunate enough to work along side Johnny Depp in The Rum Diary (2011) Amber Heard’s career was known for classic roles such as “salesgirl” in the teen drama The OC. One of her first roles in a major motion picture was in Zombieland where heard played the girlfriend of the main protagonist.

Sadly for Ms Heard, the role was very short as she’s killed off within the first few minutes of the film after she contracts the zombie virus. Despite being such a small role, Heard admitted it was one of the most memorable experiences of her career.

“It was difficult,” the 35-year-old actress revealed in an interview MaximoTV. “Three and a half hours in hair and makeup, prosthetic makeup, body makeup, and then two and a half to get it off.”

“It was much harder being a zombie than walking in these heals, believe it or not,” she continued, comparing her experience on the set of Zombieland to other work.

AH Zombieland makeup

Although this wasn’t her first time in hair and makeup, let alone on the set for a feature film, it was certainly one of the most gruelling and memorable processes the then 23-year-old actress had experienced. Something that has stuck with her through the years.

After his investigation, Andy from London pointed out the similarities between Heard’s fake injuries and her makeup from the set of Zombieland in his 12 page report.

“The diagram also shows makeup being applied to Ms Heard for her part as a zombie in the movie Zombieland (2009) and further underscores Mr Sherborne’s comment that as an actress Ms Heard is ‘familiar with the use of makeup’,” the report reads.

She doesn’t know what real injuries look like.

Andy adds: “Part of the makeup applied includes an angled bruise under Ms Heard’s right eye, not too dissimilar from the Ms Heard’s alleged injuries in Dec 2015 and May 2016.”

The detailed report brings forth a compelling theory that Amber faked her injuries with was seems to be irrefutable evidence of yet another one of Heard’s lies.

On July 22, 2020, Ms Heard testified to the UK court that as a consequent of the assault she had “two black eyes, a broken nose and a broken lip, bruised ribs,” as well as bruises all over her body.

However, the only evidence to support Amber Heard claims of the sustained injuries are several photos which she entered into evidence during the UK trial.

Amber Heard fake injuries photos

However, as Andy from London highlights in his report, items seen in the background of these photographs tell a completely different story as to origins of the alleged facial injuries. And the high resolution detail of those photographed injuries give
irrefutable proof that they were in fact fake, and created with the use of purpose-made makeup.

“Although the alleged assault took place during the afternoon of December 15, not a single photograph of the supposed injuries sustained by Ms Heard was taken until 2:40pm of the following day, on Decemeber16. Not only is such a lengthy delay highly suspicious, it also gave Ms Heard 24hrs or so to prepare her injuries and to purchase any necessary materials,” Andy states.

Furthermore, if the injuries were as severe as Heard claimed, dark bruises would be clearly visible after 1-2 days of sustaining the injury. According to MedicineNet, by 1-2 days, the reddish iron from the blood undergoes a change and the bruise will appear blue or purple. By day 6, the colour changes to green and by day 8-9, the bruise will appear yellowish-brown.

No discernible signs of injury.

Per the report, not only did two witnesses, Ms McMillen (stylist) & Ms Boerum (nurse), not see any discernible signs of bruising or swelling but just days after the alleged assault Ms Heard flew off to the Bahamas with Mr Depp. Photos taken while in the Bahamas show Ms Heard in a bikini, happy, smiling and playful and with no sign of the “two black eyes, a broken nose and a broken lip, bruised ribs, bruises all over my body” to which she testified on day 12 of the UK hearing.

no discernible signs of injury on Heard

Heard even boasted that she was not wearing any makeup for those photos on Instagram, writing, “no make up or hairstyling needed.” Medical experts agree that if Heard had a broken nose that at this time she would have clear visible yellow bruising around her eyes.

Did Heard use makeup to fake her injuries?

The 12 page report concludes that Amber Heard used makeup to fake the injuries she claimed to sustain after her ex-husband Johnny Depp allegedly assaulted her.

In one of the photos Heard’s USD$1500 Saint Laurent Black Emmanuelle Fringed Bucket handbag can be seen wide-open and resting on the counter beside the bathroom sink with what appears to be a cloth bag protruding out, and itself seemingly containing several makeup brushes.

Heard's handbag with makeup brushes

“There is no plausible reason why Ms Heard would require the use any content of her handbag within her own en-suite bathroom other than to use items that she did not keep in her bathroom or bedroom,” Andy noted.

“All other plausible reasons can simply be eliminated. Ms Heard testified that she was not wearing any makeup when the photos were taken. She was not visiting the bathroom on her way outdoors; she would not have used spare sanitary products in the presence of others especially a man, nor thereafter have left both the door and her handbag wide open.”

Andy also adds that “the bathroom light and mirror lights were all on then the most plausible  conclusion to be drawn is that Ms Heard required the mirror, the good lighting and content from her  handbag to create fake injuries before then photographing those injuries in or near the same room.”

The makeup runs!

One of the most damning pieces of evidence that Andy highlights in his report is that the makeup from the fake injury clearly runs.

“The very proof that Ms Heard did indeed apply such makeup to create her facial injuries is given in the  same high resolution photographs shown in the previous diagram,” Andy writes on page 7 of the detailed report.

Eye injury blackeye makeup running

He continues: “The three photographs are each taken a minute apart. In the first photo the injury is dull and Ms  Heard’s eye appears dry, and there is no sign of any makeup runs below her eye.  In the second and third photos, tears can clearly be seen welling up in Ms Heard’s eye, as can the  makeup runs caused by previous tears having rolled down and through the makeup, carrying with it  some of that makeup on its path.”

Andy asserts that Ms Heard cannot wipe away tears without also wiping and smudging the makeup concluding that the the result of which is that the tears are left to run down her cheek washing away part of the darker makeup to reveal a more reddish makeup.

Amber Heard has lived a very sheltered life and has most likely never had to experience real violence, perhaps that is why she had to steal the horrific abuse story from her former personal assistant. And although she may be experienced in doing beauty make up, Heard probably has little experience with real injuries and probably doesn’t even understand how bruising works and thus had to draw from her experience playing a zombie.

The alleged eye injury seen on Amber Heard which appears to be fake is almost identical to the first bit of makeup that was done to her for her role as a zombie in Zombieland. If that’s the case, it shows you just how detached from reality she must be if she has to recall zombie makeup to fake a bruise.

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