Amber Heard’s acting career is over says producer


Amber Heard’s continuous lies and stunts have ruined her acting career, a Hollywood producer claims after she burns bridges.

The hills are singing Heard’s name, and it isn’t a happy tune! Hollywood producers are ready to blacklist Amber Heard after her latest stunts and her acting career, as she knows it, might be over.


“You can’t trust a word that comes out of that woman’s mouth,” a long time veteran of the film industry told us in a bombshell email. He believes Amber Heard’s acting career is over.

“She’s a compulsive liar and a master manipulator, and Hollywood is starting to see that,” he added.

The film business is beginning to distance itself from Amber Heard, a c-list starlet and gold-digging divorcee, on the grounds that she cannot be trusted, according to reports.

Heard’s words are becoming increasingly untrustworthy as more information regarding the Aquaman actress’ apparent fabrications concerning the abuse she claims to have endured while living with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, comes to light. The entertainment business is beginning to cast doubt on her allegations.

Amber Heard banned from Australia
Amber Heard’s acting career is over, Hollywood insider claims.

According to the email, Amber Heard would show up late and intoxicated for her scenes and would argue with the cast and crew.

During the production of a now-released, yet undisclosed Amber Heard film, the 35-year-old Austin, Texas, actress vindictively attempted to sabotage the project when the director tried to talk with her about her drinking and tardiness.

“She threatened to end the director’s career, I assumed she meant by making phony allegations against him,” the email read.

Amber Heard lied to avoid being sued.

Amber Heard evaded deposition by American Psycho producer Christopher Hanley in 2016 for allegedly breaking a contract and interfering with the film’s production in her suspected attempt to sabotage it.

Amber Heard also allegedly neglected to appear in several scenes, including a romantic love-making scene, according to the lawsuit.

Heard lied through her teeth and made excuses to evade being deposes.

The plaintiff’s attorney Mathew Rosengart wrote: “She postponed her deposition numerous times, offering various excuses in court filings, including that she was attending an engagement party in New Jersey and flying to London for a costume fitting and would not return until June 17, 2016, yet days later signed a declaration under penalty of perjury in Los Angeles on June 13 and was photographed in West Hollywood on June 16, 2016.”

The insider believes that Amber Heard blackmailed the London Fields director, Michael Cullen, to cancel the film’s premier at the Toronto International Film Festival and sue the producer for “accusing them [him and Amber] of fraud.”

Who's taking care of Amber Heard's baby
Amber Heard gets drunk on red wine as a career.

Amber Heard then countersued Christopher Hanley for using a body double for an intimate loving-making scene, stating that it was in violation of her contract. Hanley settled the countersuit out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Despite exceeding the film’s USD$8M budget by an extra 4 million, London Fields — with Amber Heard as the leading actress — ended up being one of the worst movies made in the history of cinema.

London Fields has a 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics slamming Amber Heard for one of the worst performances of her career.

London Fields tanked because Amber was tanked.

Even Heard’s fans couldn’t stomach her acting: “I wanted to like it but it was just awful. While I love Amber Heard she completely butchered the role as a femme fatale and the whole thing seemed like a drug-induced vanity project with no sober editing or directing to fix the multitude of cringeworthy scenes. The girl makes for pretty scenery and that’s about it. As far as the others, well, they all tried.”

Amber Heard appears drunk with bloodshot eyes in London Fields.
Amber Heard appears drunk with bloodshot eyes in London Fields.

In most of the film, Amber Heard looks to be inebriated. Her pupils are constricted, and her eyes are bloodshot. She stumbles and slurs her speech frequently because she is unsteady on her feet.

Jonny Depp, Heard’s ex-husband, agreed to appear in the low-budget film as a pro gratis cameo after being persuaded to do so by her.

The email concluded: “[Amber Heard’s] acting career in Hollywood is over, especially here in Hollywood. Producers don’t trust her.”

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