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Amber Heard’s “facial injuries” just ALCOHOL FLUSH says doctor

Amber Heard’s “facial injuries” just ALCOHOL FLUSH says doctor

A medical professional reached out to us and described Amber Heard’s “facial injuries” as being consistent with an alcohol flush reaction.

According to a doctor who examined photos of Amber Heard’s alleged facial injuries, “I’ve treated enough patients to know what I’m seeing in these pictures is nothing more than alcohol flush reactions.”


One of our readers sent us an email with some fascinating insight into Amber Heard’s alleged injuries. According to this medical expert, none of the photos show any kind of injuries sustained from physical abuse but are very consistent with a condition known as alcohol flush reaction.

“Hi Dianne,” I read your article that suggested that Amber Heard’s injuries may have been reactions to Botulinum toxin and lip filler injections, and while I do agree that some of the scarring around the lip may be caused by this, after years of experience in the medical field, I am positive that what we’re actually seeing is an alcohol flush reaction caused by excessive drinking,” she wrote.

Amber Heard red face from drinking
Amber Heard has red face from drinking not injuries, says doctor.

“It is well documented that Ms Heard is a heavy drinker. She [Amber Heard] has written articles about her love of red wine, her social media profiles are filled with images of her consuming red wine, and recently a witness testified that she drank at least two bottles of red wine every day of the week.

“More specifically, the wine that Ms Heard was drinking is a AUD$900 bottle of Bodegas Vega Sicilia Unico Cosecha, a very rich red with a higher than average alcohol content volume. I’ve treated a lot of women who frankly consume less alcohol than Ms Heard with for alcohol intolerance.

“In Heard’s case what we’re seeing is alcohol flush, a form of alcohol intolerance reaction. After consuming alcoholic drinks, a person suffering from this condition can experiences flushes or blotches linked with erythema on the face, neck, shoulders, and, in rare circumstances, the entire body. The reaction is induced by an aldehyde dehydrogenase 2 deficit and is the result of a buildup of acetaldehyde, a metabolic byproduct of the catabolic metabolism of alcohol.

alcohol flush
Amber Heard with alcohol flush reaction no injuries.

She continued: “A lot of people describe themselves having a ‘red puffy face’ after getting alcohol flush.”

During her cross-examination Amber Heard tried to avoid the question of whether the police testified to not seeing any injuries on her face, to which she responded, “they did not consider my red puffy face as a injury.”

“Alcohol flush can cause some puffiness around the face, but it is still very distinguishable from actual swelling caused by physical trauma to the face. The alleged swelling on Ms Heard’s face are not consistent with physical trauma, more like an allergic reaction which I assume to be from the consumption of alcohol.”

Heard lied.
A real alcohol flush reaction looks exactly like Amber Heard’s alleged injuries.

The physician claimed that the face is the most susceptible to bruising, scarring and swelling.

“Minor trauma to the face will cause major bruising and swelling. I’ve treated countless people who suffered from broken noses and black eyes for small incidents, In one such case a woman came in with two black eyes, swelling and a fractured nose. At first we were concerned that she was assaulted or abused, but as it turns out she just dropped her mobile phone on her face while using the device in her bed at night.

“The injuries she sustained from dropping the phone on her face gave her two massive black eyes that you could not hide with concealer. It took two whole weeks for the bruising to fade,” she concluded.

There is no denying that Amber Heard is a binge drinker. When she was living in Australia with her ex-husband, she spent more than AUD$2000 a day on wine. Because of this, it’s possible what we’re seeing is merely an alcohol flush in the images she filed as proof of abuse during her defamation trial.

Who's taking care of Amber Heard's baby
She loves and drinks too much red wine.

The faeces that Heard deposited on Johnny’s side of the bed indicated signs of extreme red wine consumption, despite the fact that the repulsive act alone is sufficient evidence that she was either intoxicated or insane.

“My guess for wine is that it’s related to high tannin or anthocyanin content,” she says. “I did see that higher tannin wines may turn your stool a darker colour. It seems like it would be a similar mechanism to beets, although I can’t say for sure. It usually happens in cases where there’s a large consumption,” she said.

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Many a red wine lovers will admit to dark to seeing dark poo the morning after drinking. Although the effect hasn’t been studied in a lab yet, Sarah Greenfield, purveyor of the diet and exercise website The Fearless Fig says its normal.