Amouranth returns to sexually suggestive content after evading Twitch ban


Amouranth is back wearing skimpy and revealing “bikinis” and doing sexually suggestive poses under the Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category.

Amouranth is live wearing a very revealing green bikini while doing sexually suggestive poses and jumping around in her makeshift hot tub shortly after escaping a permanent ban for similar content last month.

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Twitch finally seems to be cracking down on NSFW and X-rated content on their platform, however, Amouranth seems to be completely immune to the wrath of the platform administrators.

Just last week Twitch banned controversial Twitch streamer Indiefoxx for an extremely sexually suggestive ASMR livestream, however, Amouranth — who was doing the exact same thing — merely received a three day ban. Although Amouranth took a small break from being raunchy, she’s back and pushing Twitch’s boundaries yet again.

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The 27-year-old egirl and OnlyFans model has been banned, at least, four times in the last year. Each ban has only been short even though Twitch’s own guidelines stipulate that the first ban is two-weeks, the second one month, and the third permanent. This has lead people to assume that she’s close friends with a higher-up at Amazon’s (former) game livestreaming platform.

The Pools, Hot Tubs, and Beaches category has been a barren wasteland ever since Indiefoxx was permanently banned for her NSFW streams. There are a lot of egirls who worry that their accounts may meet the same fate as Indiefoxx’s especially since she is known as one of the pioneers of the Twitch meta. One of the only raunchy streams you’ll find online right now in that category is Amouranth.

Amouranth DOWNBAD or linktree

The stream, simply named “HOT TUB BIKINI” with accompanying peach emoji (obviously to represent her butt) and a series of splash emojis (I’ll leave that to your imagination), currently has over 10,000 live viewers. Amouranth would let her fans pick what type of animal she would have to act like for donations and cheers; for example she’d hop around and shake her butt as a bunny.

She also lets her viewers pick what bikini she wears if they donate enough money, which someone did. She also switched from into a low cat lingerie top (basically a sexy bra) to chill, slurp some pasta, and talk to her loyal fans. Nothing like going to Twitch TV to talk to girls in there underwear!

Amouranth underwear

Amouranth also violates Twitch’s Terms of Service by promoting her OnlyFans account through their private messaging app and including it on her linktree profile which she readily pushes in her stream chat. Twitch does not allow streamers to link to any adult sites on their platform, however, Amouranth exploits this rule by linking to her linktree account which has OnlyFans as the top link.

She even makes an extra attempt at disguising her OnlyFans link by using ASCII characters in the text, making sure that Twitch does not pick up on the link. Smart girl. Dangerous game.

Perhaps it is true and Amouranth has nothing to worry about, I mean, she has promoted her OnlyFans to underage viewers, and her content is clearly not family friendly. Still, it doesn’t look like Twitch is interested in banning her.

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