Anita Sarkeesian defends person who exposed penis to little girl at Wi Spa

A sex offender could be in the shower with your underage kids.

Controversial feminist speaker Anita Sarkeesian under fire for defending middle aged “transgender woman” who flashed penis to a 9-year-old girl at a Wi Spa.

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Feminist podcast host, GamerGate protestor and fake gamer girl known as Anita Sarkeesian slams “TERFs” for criticising a “transgender women” who exposed their penis to a 9-year-old girl at a gender segregated day spa.

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“F*ck TERFS. F*ck the Proud Boys. And F*ck all the transphobes,” Anita tweeted in response to outrage that an alleged transgender woman exposed their penis to an underage girl at Wi Spa in Los Angeles, California.

“I will always and forever and forever stand with trans women and all trans people to live fully realised, respected, and safe lives,” she added.

The outrage started after a video of a concerned mother complaining that a middle aged person with male genitalia approached her 9-year-old daughter in the women’s bathroom.

“So, it’s OK for a man to go into the women’s section, show his penis around the other women, young little girls — underage — in your spa? Wi Spa condones that, is that what you’re saying?” the woman is heard saying in the viral video.

Another customer is also heard complaining about the “person with a penis” in the woman’s dressing room and asking to be reimbursed.

Conservatives later showed up to and peacefully protested against the spa’s policy outside the establishment — but were quickly met by far-left extremists black bloc terrorists that call themselves “Anti-Fascists” and violence, at the hand of the counter-protestors, erupted shortly after.

Anita Sarkeesian Wi Spa

However, Anita Sarkeesian blamed the conservatives for the violence, adding: “The anti-trans violence and hate happening in and around #wispa is horrifying. Spinning the narrative to be about protecting children is classic right wing/TERF talking points meant to dehumanise and degrade trans people, especially trans women.”

“It’s so important that cis allies disrupt these violent anti-trans narratives whenever we can: challenge them and call them out — whether that’s in our workplaces with colleagues or policy makers, or at home with our families,” Sakreesian concluded.

Whether Sarkeesian was misinformed on the situation or deliberately trying to mislead her followers is uncertain, however, regardless of the person’s gender and pronouns they clearly exhibited predatory behaviour to a minor according to several eye witnesses.

According to the child’s mother the person grabbed his penis in front of the 9-year-old girl and swung it from left to right to get her attention. Her claims have been corroborated by several eye witnesses.

“So a man can just come in here and say ‘I’m a woman today’ and go into the section? What about women’s rights?” The disturbed mother asks.

Wi Spa lobby

Another women is heard saying, “He comes in with testicles and a penis and there is a 9-year-old and a 14-year-old that have never seen a penis before, we’re older women and we’re not traumatised but we’re here to protect the little girls […] because it is not okay.”

“We’re concerned about women’s safety and rights. We’re concerned about a 9-year-old girl’s safety when a 30-year-old man with a penis and testicles is getting into a jacuzzi without his clothes with a 9-year-old. That’s not okay with. I will protect little girls until my last breath […] I can’t even go and put on my clothes because he’s down there.”

The woman recording later gives her detailed account of what happened and described the person to be deliberately “slinging his penis.”

Other witness allege that person was loudly talking about how he’s still attracted to women and even went as far as to talk about his favourite sexual activities all while in the company of minors.

This is not the first time it happened.

A similar incident happened in January, 2020, where a young mother and her 6-year-old daughter were flashed by “a man with a bard” at the same Los Angeles spa.

“In January of 2020 I thought it would be cute to take my daughter to a day spa in Korea Town,” the mother proceeded to provide photographic and timestamped proof of their visit to Wi Spa.

“She was 6-years-old at the time and this a Korean family spa so there are children there all the time,” she then shows a picture of the children’s section of Wi Spa. “They have like a whole little playroom. This is her [her daughter] at the playroom. So that was in January of last year.”

“Like I said, it is a Korean spa so everyone is naked. And we wanted to be cultural with it so we also were nude in the women’s section of the spa, and there’s little girls who are naked with older Korean grandmas who are naked and the women’s section has hot tubs and a massage area and everyone is nude […] We got in to the hot tub, my 6-year-old daughter and I, we were having a great time and we in there with other women until three other people came in.”

The mother recalls all three people, including “the person with the penis”, identifying as lesbians. While the two females got into the hot tub, the bearded person sat directly opposite her 6-year-old daughter and on the edge of the the hot tub with their male genitalia clearly exposed at eye level with the girl. The person then spread their legs wide open so that both of them could see everything clearly.

The mother said she felt very uncomfortable and complained to management and received two free Wi Spa passes, which she shows in her video. She was also too scared to tell her husband what happened.

“I’m not homophobic or transphobic or anything, I’ve been to many gay pride marches. But this person was so entitled and made no effort to act or look feminine,” she revealed.

This happens a lot.

The most upvoted review on TripAdvisor is from 2018 and speaks of a very similar situation.

“I would give this place five stars a week ago but…. Last night I had the most disturbing experience in the women’s locker room,” the review begins.

“Upon checking in, the clerk advised us that ‘there was a transgender male in the women’s locker room’. Ok… No problem, I’m not the type to discriminate people, but once in the women’s area, I saw the mentioned ‘transgender’ individual naked in all his glory, and he still had a male organ hanging there.”

The review continues: “Ok. No fuss. That surgery is very expensive anyways, so I go on my routine and I get to the shower room, he was almost next to me showering too when I start to overhear hearing the conversation that he is having with a lady that was also in the shower area, I clearly heard him say that he has had sex with probably one hundred women and that he was looking for a female girlfriend to share his time wit. He also mentioned that he uses cocaine and LSD to ‘relax’. Ok… not my business what he uses to relax — but hey — a transgender person does not act like a guy around women nor they state how much they like women nor how much they like having sex with them! This guy is bot transgender, he seems to be just a pervert, and given his accent he is from another country, Europe I believe.”

Wi Spa management have refused to change their policies regarding the matter and have doubled down on “not discriminating against gender identity.”

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