Apex Legends hacked by Titanfall fans #SAVETITANFALL


Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royal game Apex Legends has been hacked with #SAVETITANFALL messages.

It seems that a hacker has managed to get his hands on stolen source code from EA’s servers, and they are using it to bring attention to Respawn Entertainment’s beloved yet abandoned Titfanfall franchise with #SAVETITANFALL.

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An anonymous hacker appears to have used leaked EA source code to hack into Apex Legends servers and has altered a lot of the texts for the game as well as important update text for the game with #SAVETITANFALL. The attack has been criticsed by prominent figures in the Apex Legends community.

“The whole save Titanfall message is an important one and something we should be spreading. It is extremely important that it gets because obviously we want to get the game fixed [..] I just think this is absolutely the wrong way to go about it. I don’t think hacking a game in the same canon as Titanfall to get our message is appropriate or the right way to do thing,” YouTuber MoDen31 said in a video regarding the hack.

According to the SaveTitanfall website both, “Titanfall 1 & 2 are currently unplayable on PC due to hacker(s) using exploits that prevents players from being able to play the game. This issue has been happening for years and Respawn is willingly pretending that they do not know about the situation. To this day, both games are still on sale on Origin, and more recently Steam, even though they are unplayable. Respawn, the developers, have been contacted about this matter numerous times in many ways. Even when the developers have been directly contacted, as soon as the topic of the Titanfall problems is brought up, they stop replying. Electronic Arts, the parent company of Respawn and publisher of the Titanfall games are aware of the situation, with countless reports to their client support and forums over the years.”

Although Apex Legends has been hacked, the culprit has only decided to alter text in the game so — at the time — the game is still playable. Additionally, the hack only seems to be affecting PC and Xbox players, as nobody has reported issues with the PlayStation versions yet.

The hack may also be related due to a massive EA security breach which resulted in 780 gigabytes of data being stolen from their servers which may have included the source code for Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royal game Apex Legends.

Neither EA or Respawn have commented on the hack, nor have they addressed the absolute mess of a state of the Titanfall games.

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